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Still trying to figure out grocery stores.

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My whole life I've been the one to take care of the leftovers in the fridge. Spaghetti? Tuna casserole? Half a Subway sandwich? All three at once? Sign me up.


But now I'm starting to buy my own food, and whoa. (I swear I spent an hour just walking around a Food Lion.)


One thing led to another, and I figured if I'm going to be serious about eating right, I'm also going to be serious about fitness, and the Rebellion's got style.


So hey! Let's be friends! Especially if you're in VA and want to go hiking or something, because that would be awesome.

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Welcome! I love supermarkets and if I wasn't over the pond would totally offer to come help you out haha the best advice anyone ever gave me about supermarkets and shopping to eat healthy: only buy stuff which is on the parimiters of the shop- in other words, don't go down the isles! Seriously, assuming your supermarket is similar to mine (and they are all scarily designed the same for marketing reasons) if you just stick to the outsides, you're only going to buy fresh produce, meat, some dairy etc :) the second I step down an isle (unless I know exactly what I need) I ALWAYS find something else I "need" which is usually not good for me haha

Anyways! Haha you have come to the right place to help reach your goals, welcome again and don't hesitate to throw me a line if you want to ask any questions :)

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I'll be moving to VA in 6 weeks, and I'm always up for a hike despite being the laziest ninja in the country. (OK, I'm not a ninja yet). Celiac disease means most packaged and ready-to-eat foods are poisonous inedibles for me. Food Lion is a dangerous place, but I know a few tricks on finding healthy goods amongst the mutated GMO swill. The previous tip from cinda being one of the best.

Stay awesome!

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DUDE. What part of VA?


Also, Cinda, my FF skills are middling at best-- I hate grinding, so I almost always find ways to outwit/outskill the enemies till I'm way in over my head. (There was def a point in FF13 where every random encounter was life or death, and very often death.) I also forget I have money. (One time I threw 400,000 gil at Sephiroth by mistake.)


Despite this! if you and Miss want to form a superhero-accountability team or some such jazz, we could totally do that. Want to share a thread in the daily battles section?

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Awesome! I'm putting together a battle plan for the store this afternoon. Just gotta psych myself up to get out the door.


Also, I'm near Richmond (Virginia, sorry fitwownerd!) but I'm SO JEALOUS ThisMiss. The Shenandoah area is just breathtaking. If I had more camping buddies, I'd be up there way more often. Are you moving from Australia? Have you thought about hiking the Appalachian Trail?

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