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Assassin Fellowship Mini #4: Let's Hunt Some Orc

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Time to get back on the road!  Of course, there's something between us and our destination.  Rather a lot of somethings...




Between the Assassin Fellowship and an orc army, anyone with half a brain would bet on the Fellowship, right? ;)







  • For this mini, we'll be fighting orcs with swords and bows!  To perform a lunging sword or ax strike, do a jumping lunge.  To draw your bow or crossbow and loose an arrow or bolt, do a pull-up.
    • For purposes of this challenge, you may count any pull-up progression variant that is suitably challenging for you.  Honor system, please.  Dumbbell or barbell rows are fine, as are negatives, assisted pull-ups, and even scapular pulls, if this is your current level.  Please don't do thousands of scapular pulls if you can do a full pull-up, okay?
    • Please perform jumping lunges unless you cannot jump.  If and only if you cannot jump, walking lunges are an acceptable substitution.  No other substitutions will be accepted.
    • The one exception to the above is if you have an injury that means you cannot do either pulling exercises or lunges safely.  If this is your situation, please PM starsapart and get an alternative exercise.  If you can do one but not the other, that's fine - do the one you CAN perform.
  • 15 sword/ax strikes (lunges) = 1 dead orc.  5 arrows/bolts fired (pull-ups) = 1 dead orc.  The spreadsheet does the math so please just enter reps.
  • RACE BONUS IN PLAY!  Because humans are particularly versatile in battle, they've got an edge (har har) when it comes to sword strikes.  For humans, it takes only 10 sword blows to kill an orc instead of 15.
  • SELECT YOUR CHAMPION!  Each team will volunteer one champion for a PVP battle against the Orc squad leaders.  Please enter the champion's name in the spreadsheet... details of the PVP are forthcoming in the next few days, so no, you won't know what you'll be doing when you sign up.
  • The teams that perform best on this task will earn additional prestige, helping them make their case for being the worthiest of all races... thus bringing their champion one step closer to delivering the Ring to Mount Doom.


This mini-challenge lasts until SUNDAY 11:59PM EST... so get to it.




Still need to sign up for a team? PM starsapart to be assigned.


Normal Mini-Challenge Rules:

- Mini-challenges are not mandatory, feel free to ignore this one if you don't want to participate. Don't let mini-challenges hinder your own goals.

- If you're not sure how to register something, post it here.

- Keep it simple!

- Don't hurt yourself!

Every Assassin who competes in this mini-challenge gets +1 CON for standing against the orcs!

Assassins, remember to be safe and have fun!

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Axes.  Crossbows.  Dwarves.   :tongue:




Exhausted, overworked GL.


All the axes and crossbows are broken, whoops~








EDIT: For verisimilitude, or something, you can now swing a sword OR ax and fire an arrow OR crossbow bolt.  BETTER?????

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Curses! I worked on pull ups right before this was posted!  I don't think lunges are going to happen with my left hamstring being mad at me but pulls I will do. ALL THE PULLS!

I keep tweaking a neck muscle so I'll be your legs!

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Champions must be chosen and entered in the spreadsheet by 12pm EST on Friday, October 9th.  Any group that does not have a champion by then will not be able to participate in the PVP and will not have a chance to earn the extra points associated with it.


Thanks. :)

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All right, champions, time to prove your mettle.  You have five minutes.  Who can take down the Orc squad leaders first?



  1. Champions will be performing a 5 minute set of 
    .  Your score is the number of burpees you manage to complete in full before the 5 minute buzzer sounds.
  2. If you do not have access to a timer (for example on your phone), you can use an online timer like this one.
  3. You may try as many times as you like and post your best score.  However, only ONE SINGLE 5 MINUTE SET counts.  Burpees are not cumulative.  i.e. if you do a set of 20 in a full five minutes, rest awhile, do a set of 40 in 5 minutes, rest again, then take 5 minutes to do a set of 30, your final score is 40, not 90.   HOWEVER, you may rest inside the 5 minutes as much as you like and work in spurts or steady state... whatever works for you, as long as the timer doesn't pause for your rest breaks.
  4. Champions will accrue additional points for their teams (standard split: 100, 75, 50, 25), but no additional stat points.
  5. This challenge lasts until the mini challenge ends at 11:59pm EST on Sunday, October 11th.
  6. You can enter your score in the main spreadsheet for this mini.


Have at it, champions!

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