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Gainsdalf the Whey

The 2015 Heroes of Hoist!

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Our new champions are:

  • NF Power Lifting Champion- Spezzy
  • NF Squat Champion- SpecialSundae
  • NF Bench Press Champion- Wildross
  • NF Deadlift Champion- Spezzy
  • NF Weightlifting Champion- Niccolo
  • NF Snatch Champion- Niccolo
  • NF Clean & Jerk Champion- Niccolo

Congrats all! Will get to changing titles now.

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I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that Tankweazel decides not to play this time! :)

Still furious with myself that I didn't get 135/75/137.5!

Basically, I was too busy jumping into equipment and monking it up to actually do this one.  Maybe next year when I am back under 57kg again.


Should be a fun PvP!

Unreash the panthers!!! And make it PvE.

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