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[Paleo] Diet Generator

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[Also posted on non-Paleo sub-forum]

I'm actually pretty surprised that this hasn't been posted here, but if you're looking for a specific diet plan to fit your exact caloric and macromolecular needs, check out www.swole.me;

You give it

- Caloric needs

- Macromolecular needs (There are also pre-sets)

- How many meals

- Whether you want a big breakfast/PWO meal

And best of all...

- What foods you will eat (including breakfast menu)

It will literally generate a meal plan for an entire day that will tell you what and when to eat. You can generate as many meal plans as you want. There's also a Paleo setting that only includes Paleo foods and the typical Paleo macromolecule ratios (10C/30P/60F, if I remember correctly)

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This is actually not that bad. Clearly could use some tweaking and also would depend if I worked out that day or not, but still a pretty neat tool for general guidelines.

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neat site, but why does every online calorie calculator think I need to eat 3500 calories worth of food to maintain my weight?

Also, can you change the link to not include the semicolon at the end? I actually had to copy-paste which took a whole 2 seconds long than just clicking :)

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