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Strength training for losing weight

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I know one of the best ways to lose weight other than diet is to lift heavy.


Now...what do you guys think is a good beginner program to facilitate losing weight? I lifted in high school so I'm familiar with the lifts. Just curious what you think.

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Lift the same. You'll get more soar as you're not fueling as much for recovery. Ways to combat this are to have a smaller defeicit, eat more protein, and get more sleep. You can also lift less volume per workout, but do workouts more foten so you have the same weekly volume.

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Choose one of the 5x5/3x5 beginner programmes and run it while on a calorie deficit. You'll stall out sooner than somebody eating maintenance or a surplus but you'll still make good progress and lose fat. It doesn't really matter which you go for. You may be able to sustain a 3x5 setup like Starting Strength or Greyskull for longer than a 5x5 but there won't be that much in it.

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