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Toes to Bar *without* kipping?

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Working on getting strong enough for a real toes to bar--no kipping, straight elbows, straight knees. It'll help my inversions for silks and if I ever decide to take trapeeze, I'm sure it'll be invaluable.


Everywhere I look has progressions for crossfit-style kipping TTB.





I don't want that.


Anyone know of good progressions for a non kipping toes to bar? 

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It progresses to kipping at the end, but the first two minutes may be useful for you.


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What are your strength limitors for this? Abs? Shoulders? If your shoulders tire first, try scap raises/pulls. For abs, do more floor work like v-ups, llying on the ground around-the-worlds, and even pike compression leg lifts: 



Which you can alternate or upgrade to straddle as well:



(And also with your hands both in the middle, which she doesn't demonstrate)

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First off, you're right - they are super useful for trapeze.  We have some form of leg raise in the conditioning section of almost every class.  Also I hate them.


The video BaconHunter posted shows most of our progressions for it.  I would add to his knee raises that you can bring your legs up to a tuck, straighten them then control the down motion.  If you have someone to help you, you can also get them to push you past your half-way sticking point (oddly it often gets easier past that point) then you control the full down motion.


Also in the video - the twisting knee tucks are really good, the wiper is brilliant for training your meathooks, the skin the cat I find is more shoulder but YMMV (also he isn't doing them fully - you should really be going up with straight legs, under the bar and through without bending your knees at all...), and the rollover is a really good one for trapeze.

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After this morning's work, the limiter seems to be hip flexors (?) DOMS this weekend may tell the tale. I do need to work on keeping my shoulders engaged, too, though.


My forward fold (on the ground) is to the point that I don't think it's a flexibility issue (though aerialists + flexibility work is always a given, so it's not like I'll stop doing it or something)


I'll keep on keeping on with my straddle leg left work and add in pike compressions to that regimen.


Skin the cats definitely get my shoulders/lats more than anything, though doing TTB then skin the cats mean I can work on both. heh.

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