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I am grateful for time with my Grandma, she's 95 and I want to enjoy every second I have with her

I am grateful for quality time watching a movie with my mom

I am grateful for modern medicine, which won't cure the common cold but will help make it less painful (I have a sore throat, usually a sign I'm getting a cold, boo)

I am grateful for a really lovely day

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sick sick sick :(






socialized (online but still)

took a nap

did self care things like drinking soothing tea (with raw honey), gargling with salt water, resting and having soup


so overall not a bad day at all, I still made progress on two pretty big goals (meditation and writing) even though I feel crappy. That's a big win :D

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I am grateful for self care

I am grateful for making the time to write

I am grateful for supportive online friends

I am grateful for cuddles with kitties

I am grateful for comfy pajamas

I am grateful for my dad bringing me Jewish penicillin aka matzoh ball soup :)

I am grateful for not letting a cold overwhelm me, but also not pushing myself too much

I am grateful for finding balance for today

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wrote again yesterday, major win for sick days. feeling better, hopefully be all the way better by tomorrow or Wednesday. But I've kept up with stuff even through a cold AND took care of myself so that's a win. Gotta make sure to celebrate those :)

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Well done on getting things done, without asking too much of yourself.

I hope you'll feel better soon.


Thanks Terah <4 The bunny helped a lot :D


Glad you're feeling a bit better, and well done for being productive despite being ill! 

Thanks Sarah <4, I'm at about 90% now so here's to good health in the new year :D


I just watched Inside Out with the Wolverine.


Oh, glob. So many feels.

ALL THE FEELS! Such a great movie <4


I loved that movie



And Doc's heart grew three times it's size that day

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WHOOPS haven't been posting lately  :nevreness:


Health is about 90% so I'll get there. Still been writing every day, so major win there. Meditation is also happening. AND like the ninja :ph34r: that I am I managed to lose 1.5lbs over the holidays, so final weigh in of 2015 is 124lbs YASSS!!!!


It's been such a pleasure becoming part of this community, the support, the accountability, the awesome nerds :wub:. You guys are my rock, my inspiration, and my motivation when I'm feeling meh. I cannot thank you all enough for all the amazing support, encouragement, and friendship you've provided this year.


Those who know me IRL are so amazed at the change and progress I've made since joining this forum. You given me the space to share my highs, my lows, and everything in between. I would not be here without my own work, but that work would definitely have sputtered and died without all of your kindness and friendship. I can honestly say you all are some of the best friends I've ever had :wub:


I hope everyone has a lovely (and safe!) New Years Eve and I look forward to kicking ass with you in 2016 B)  

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