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So that's it.  Thanks for following along to anyone who made it this far!  Sorry again for being so absent in December it was a tough month for me.


I am really surprised how much I enjoyed writing all that.  I started out with little tiny boss fights in the beginning of this challenge and ended up really going all out by the end.  I hope it was at least vaguely enjoyable to anyone who was able to read it.  And if not, I enjoyed writing it and that's all that matters.


Here's the summary of  my challenge, also found in the beginning of this thread:


Week 1 Boss: Captain Flynt, King of the Rippers
Weakness: Electrical. (IRL: Drink Responsibly on ma birfday)
Drop: Nom Nom Paleo Cookbook
Status: Dead

Week 2 Boss: 9Toes
Weakness: Explosive. (IRL: Do my homework)
Drop: None
Status: Alive

Week 3 Boss: 9Toes (again - pushed back due to sickness)
Weakness: Explosive. (IRL: Do my homework...still)
Drop: At Home Spa Day - face mask, hair mask, foot mask, bath bomb
Status: Dead

Week 4 Boss: Sledge:
Weakness: Corrosive (Set up apartment furniture)
Drop: Thoracic Spine Webinar from FFRL
Status: Alive
Week 5 Boss: Handsome Jack
Weakness: Fire (Do some ab work)
Drop: Thoracic Spine Webinar from FFRL
Status: Dead

Week 6 Boss: Rakk Hive
Weakness: Explosive (Meditate every day because STRESS)
Drop: Into Mind Wardrobe Minimalist Walkthrough
Status: Dead
Week 7 Boss: The Warrior (& Motorhead aka Sledge 2.0)
Weakness: Electrical (Finish Christmas shopping & Finish DIY Gifts)
Drop: Squatty Potty
Status: Dead
Week's 6-7 boss descriptions and fights are all in one post right here.




And according to my grading system, I got a B on this challenge.  Time to level up, and onward to 2016! Hope everyone has a very happy new year!!! Can't wait for all the awesome things the new year is going to bring, both around here and in real life :D You're all awesome!

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