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skinNbones on a (prison) Break

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Hi, I joined Nerd Fitness back in May, and this is my third challenge. My Main Life Quest for now is to try and gain about 20Kg (aiming for 82-88 kg, so far I've come up from 64 to 71), and to drastically improve my aerobic fitness, which I've already done pretty well with, thanks to a following a c25k program in my first challenge.


This Challenge, is kind of a mini re-spawn. I classed last challenge as somewhat of a failure, so this time, I need to find some exercises, that I can fit into my schedule and motivate me a bit more.


I'm carrying on with Basketball training, and so decided to see if I can scale down my strength workouts to just 30 minutes at a time, still with no access to proper weights, which brought me to Convict Conditioning.


I'm no Wentworth Miller, but I will aim to complete the following workouts through the Cycle.


15 30 minute BodyWeight Workouts (~2 per week)

These can take any of the following forms : (borrowed from here http://www.artofmanliness.com/2015/08/05/the-prisoner-workout/)

I'll be taking the basic progressions from the http://www.startbodyweight.com progressions.

  • Deck of Pain- Assign 1 Exercise to each suit. Work my way through a pack of cards doing the number of reps shown on each card (might need to go down a progression to make it to the end)
  • One Exercise a Day : Do solely 1 exercise for the full 30 minutes (minus warm-up time). Concentrate on form.
  • Juarez Valley : Do 20 burpees, take 5 steps, then 19 burpees ...

As there is no way I'll be managing 30 minutes of Pull-ups or a set of 13 reps, I'm going to separate Pull-ups Out and follow Grease the Groove for this one.


I'm leaving jump training for now, as my knees and ankles still seem sore, when pushed so I'll just concentrate on squats for a while.


Squat Every Day

I'm going to try again to get 10 minutes squatting (instead of sitting) every day - and be stricter with basic mobility morning and evening.


Maintain Thread

Ensure I return to my thread at least twice a week, and don't abandon it.




Wot, no more ?


That's right, I'm keeping this challenge super basic, so I've got no excuses.

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[ Reserved for Scoring ]

3 STR, 3 DEX for 15, -1 for each under.
Deck of Pain : 9
JUAREZ Valley : 2
Other : 3

Weight Gain : 1 CON per 0.5 kg
Pullup : 1 STR for keeping at 3, +1 STR per additional Pullup.

+1 WIS for hitting all goals.

So I award myself 3 STR + 2 DEX + 1 CON + 1 STR - I'll call that a Level up.

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Well I've done 1 day of the deck of pain, it worked quite well. Definitely felt like hard work which is good.

Not sure how good this kind of workout is for building strength with no rest periods, perhaps I need some warrior input on that.

Speak softly and carry a beagle.


I'll take a shot at this...


**cracks knuckles**


Well, rest between sets I don't think affects recovery and strength as much as rest between workouts.


Hmm... but I need more details.


What exercises did you assign to each suit?


Also, what are the values of face cards? Aces: high or low?

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Thanks Brogo.

I was doing aces low. This time I took the first four progressions from startBodyweight (excluding pull ups) , which was squat, pike pushups, leg raises and dips. I tended to go down a progression when it was high numbers and attempt my current progressions on the lower numbers.

If rest between workouts is the important thing, then I should be able to alternate these ok , with the burpees and 1 exercise per day, to do ok.

Only gazbaillion posts behind!

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Hi, made it to basketball training again today and was really pleased with myself.

I think I am the oldest guy there but even with the coach's new focus on fitness I felt like I outlasted most of them, staying on the court longer and even outpacing some of the 16 yr olds down the court.

So long live the rebellion!

(I think part of it was the deck of pain workouts, as they are nonstop with no rest periods so should be improving my conditioning - although I'm dead now).

Only gazbazillion posts behind!

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