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Darkfoxx 21: Darkfoxx Goes To School

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Darkfoxx 21: Darkfoxx Goes To School


This challenge is going to throw me some curveballs. I’m going back to school 2 nights a week for front-end web development: the first schooling I’ve attended since getting my undergrad in 2002. 


So … I need to re-learn how to be a student, and need to get re-acquainted with fitting homework into my schedule. 


This is throwing major elbows into my RUCK ALL THE THINGS and DO ALL THE OTHER THINGS plan. 


Plus, I’m starting this zero week off sick - the first time I’ve had to deal with an actual sickness in over 5 years. My body is unhappy about this development. 


Overarching Goal For This Cycle


Do the things, but keep schoolwork in the forefront of my mind and time commitments. I have no idea how this is going to play out - my undergrad degree was in Communication, so I could basically BS my way through it. Coding: not so much with the latitude for BS. 


I also need to keep some sort of physical training goals on deck, lest I get completely sidetracked. 


To that end, I have at least 1 5k to do in short order (Patronus 5k)


I’m supposed to be doing Tough Mudder on the 7th, but if it’s too cold I’m not making myself go through it. 50 or over is my threshold. 


I have the Turkey Trot 4 miler on Thanksgiving


And some more rucking to throw in before it gets too cold out. and rucking. RUCKING. I have distance in the can; now I just need to work on speed (and more mileage totals per week). Plus, RuckFit looks amazeballs. 


And Beer Yoga! 


And the RP dealie! 


So .. looks like I’ll be busy, no? 


Goal 1: Work It Out


Sill aiming for 4 - 5 days during the week + 1 good activity weekend day here. I’m also throwing in an archery date night. 


I don’t know how this is going to happen with class, but I aim to regulate my schedule by Official Week 1, so more coming here.


If nothing else, I can poke around some RuckFit workouts, work on a couple Beer Yoga poses (sans beer), and work on pull-ups. *cough* Wolf *cough*


And the role play game … I’ll have to think of something there. Not sure of the deets yet, but I have a feeling I won’t have to sit this one out. 


Goal 2: Macros


SSDD. For those of you that are new to me, here’s a recap:


I haven’t really deviated from this metric plan in over a year, and don’t see any reason to start. For those of you that are new to me, my metrics are based on those outlined in the Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson. 


My metrics are as follows: 100 grams or under of carbs, 70 grams or over of protein, 100 grams or under of fat and around 1,500 calories. This plan seems to work for me, and if I stick to it, my weight stays where I want it and my body stays fueled without being sluggish. That said, I have recently begun carb loading for races and eat whatever my body is screaming at me it wants post races (generally a bigass steak and/or a face full of carbs). This seems to be working well, and I’ll be sticking with it. 


I also shoot for 64 ounces or so of water (2 refills of my water bottle + a coffee), and track my general activity and sleep with a Misfit Flash. I’m on My Fitness Pal and Fitbit



Goal 3: Minimalism


I did so well here last challenge, I want to keep the ball rolling. I have 1 book shelf left to purge during Phase 1 and I FINALLY got my last batch of crap back from the digitization place. I need to label those pics/files (plus the last batch of pics) and get them squared away + deal with the physical copies. 


I also aim to pile all my sentimental crap into 1 place - probably my bed - and massively purge until I have 1 bin left. This may need to be done in 2 stages: 1 bin for photos; 1 bin for crap. 


I also need to see to it that my donation pile actually leaves the door, and the boxes I’m building of kid stuff actually make it to my sister (for her upcoming baby girl) & brother (who isn’t yet spawning). 


Goal 4: Craftsy


I have a bunch of crafts I need to do: 


My sister’s baby blanket

Tank’s cross-stitch

Wolf’s cross-stitch

Monthly Triceratops cross-stitches

Holiday cards + more holiday cards

Ranger Card/Gift Exchange

Holiday cookies

Process the pictures of munchkins I just took


Goal 5: School


Aim to be valedictorian of school, dammit. 


Goal 6: Badges


This went over so well last challenge, I need to keep these going. And I want to re-vamp the styles so they’re more tiny friendly. 


Goal 7: Mini Challenges & PvPs


Do them. If nothing else, this will force me to get my workouts in - I may disappoint myself, but I try damn hard to make sure not to let my guild mates down. 




You thought I forgot about this one, didn’t you? I’m twiddling my thumbs, waiting for my data to get back from 23andMe and have been taking the 999999989 quizzes on the site to maximize my contribution to the greater good. TWIDDLING MY THUMBS. 

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I got no feelings today. Still feel like crap warmed over. Have to start school. Not happy about it. 


And that pile of crap I was dealing with at work ... still there, and it grew over the weekend. 


F to the M to the L. 


Head down, focus, march on ... 


And jigger my actual goals instead of a sketch framework. This may take until next week. I have no idea what the homework load is going to be for class. HOMEWORK. IT"S BEEN 13 YEARS SINCE I"VE DONE HOMEWORK. I SUCKED AT HOMEWORK. 


/end worry. I'll be fine, I know. Deep breaths. 

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I did *not* get to ruck little people, but I *did* get to snuggle them. We had less of a 'let's hang all over aunt bobo and make her crazy' visit this year - which is good. Ferrying 2 kids around on my back was exhausting but fun last year.


This visit, both kiddos were pretty engrossed in the presents we brought after the second morning -- we brought a building set (kind of like a wooden erector set) and a princess and the pea stacking game. Both were huge hits, and kept the kids happily in kid land pretty much the whole time after that. They're really good at playing on their own. Kid land and trying to keep comportment and not lose their everloving minds land (they're 3 and 4 - coping skills are hard to come by when that toddler rage hits). 


Apparently, video exists of the younger one's complete and utter melt down after we left - complete with pitiful wails of 'my uncle chris! I want my uncle chris!' and promises that she can face time us. I think someone went over well (this is the first time they met my DH). 

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Tuesday Update


Forgot it wasn't Monday. Guess that's what happens when you sleep for 18-20 hours. 


Worked, barely ate, and made it to my first class. 


Class was good - I learned a little, was ahead of the curve on some things, and felt like it was run well. No homework for this first class, so that's good - I think I still need another rest day. Sleep has been kind of crap both last night and the night before during actual sleep time. The dog and I seem to be wanting to occupy the same exact space lately, and the poor little guy was sick in the middle of the night last night.


I also kept waking up out of weird dreams (fyi last night was a melatonin night) ...


Let's see what I can remember:


Lava spiders/bugs on the floor, trying to swarm up the walls and get me (flashes of sharks in my mind) - I circled the living room on top of furniture and ended up standing on the (old school) TV to smother them with jeans and towels. Strangely, they didn't burn the lovely brown 70s carpet. They were a bitch to clear out from under the couch. 


Sharks. Circling. The DH and I falling off the comically long OD green raft we were on. Sharks are fiberglass (one) and extra wiggly (another). No one actually gets bit. 


Fire. My mother as a young Sigourney Weaver fighting it? Spreading it?


Escape the fire bug apartment for awhile to breathe in the cool air and take a walk. Come back to the back porch open - it doesn't look like anything's been stolen or disturbed - I check the kitchen and cabinets first (because that's hella logical); flashes of alternate realities with my mother sweeping the corners holding a gun/a bat/a gun/a softball trophy. I never make it to the other rooms, I'm so bogged down in the alternate flashes. 


I'm in the parking lot with my wallet and phone in one hand and purse in the other. Teenagers between me and the back garden area. Teenagers see me trying to secure my stuff and want to make life difficult. Teenagers come into yard. Keys get thrown? Someone gets stabbed with a key? Some little kid comes screaming through? I don't quite remember. 

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