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The Tin Man

The Tin Man Respawns

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Hunt him down and punch him in the feels with encouragement to get off his butt and post.


As he is my roommate, minimal hunting is required.  Though our timing does cause some difficulty in punch delivery.


But feels punches aren't my thing.  Just the physical ones.

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ohai. Fancy seeing yous guys here.


So yeah obviously is some (i.e. many) ways I have been suckage so far 





I have been making some progress on what is a major part of my life quest - to find a new job. Not major progress, but moving in the right direction. I met with a recruiter yesterday and that went well, so I am hoping they will be able to help me out. I also got my first positive response from an application where I had to answer a few basic questions like my background in their field and my access to transportation. If they like my answers I get to take a 2-3 hour test of my data analyzing/mathing skills. I like tests, because nerd. So hopefully they like my answers.

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