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There is Life Outside Koaladle's Apartment

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Hi, I'm Koaladle and this is my first challenge! I enjoy ballroom dance and bike riding and used to spend all my spare time biking to dance lessons. Many adventures later, I've recently become the family homemaker. It's been a weird adjustment, but I've decided to see this change as a fortuitous opportunity to become the active person I was before I gained the Spousal Sixty. I have a few advantages: I am in charge of groceries, my dog loves walks, and my handsome husband will eat whatever I cook, even the experiments gone wrong.




Main Quest:  Lose 65 pounds by June 2016


Quest 1: Walk/jog with Heimdall (American Bulldog) for at least 30 minutes twice a day.

Measurement: A = 2520 minutes in 42 days; B = 1,050 minutes in 42 days; C = 800 minutes in 42 days

Reward: A = +3 STA, +2 STR; B = +2 STA +1 STR; C = +1 STA


Quest 2: Drink three liters of water every day.

Measurement: A =126 liters of water in 42 days; B = 105 liters of water in 42 days;  C = 84 liters of water in 42 days

Reward: A = +3 CON; B = +2 CON; C = +1 CON


Quest 3: Eat veggies twice a day.

Measurement: A = 2 veggies, 42 days;  days; B = 2 veggies, 36 days, C = 2 veggies, 30 days

Reward: A = +3 WIS, +2 CON, B = +2 WIS, +1 CON, C = +1 WIS


Motivation:  I want to be fit so I can start a family farm (the natural combination of a hippie and a cheapskate). I need to get used to moving all day, eating whole foods, and staying hydrated to make this possible. 





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I LOVE baked zucchini chips...even the burnt ones!  Yum!


I notice you have a thread in recruit too.  Which one are you going to post on?  I would love to follow along.  :)  First of all I love the name of your dog.  Brilliant!  Also right now I am doing a little something leading up to my birthday and one goal is to eat veggies with 2 meals a day also.

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I was super confused trying to put my challenge somewhere, and it ended up in three places. -.- This is the only forum I've used since Gaia online 15 years ago. Unless it's a faux pas, I may just post the same update in two places.


There's actually an interesting story to Heimdall's name. My husband has always had a love for Norse culture, but never got the chance to name a dog after one of the Norse gods. When we found our buddy at the Humane Society, we noticed he was named Juno. Because Juno is a Roman goddess, we were pretty set on changing his name. Ben was gunning for Loki, Floki, or Fenrir or Vidar; I countered that if he got to choose the pantheon, I got to choose the namesake. Seeing as I didn't want a dog named for a god of trickery, war, vengence, the apocoylpse, or anyone else that would condone the chewing of slipper, I chose Heimdall, the guardian. 

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Yeah I am with you on that for the name.  LOL  Too funny.  Our dog is simply Butch.  Asked kiddo why she wanted to change his name when we adopted him she gave us the best reason ever.  "Because Butch means love." she said.  Okay that was it.  We have a neighborhood dog named Loki.  He is a sweetheart.  Vidar made me laugh. 


Generally it is recommend for your first challenge to run your challenge through the recruit subforum.  You can leave yourself tagged as a Scout.  We are a small group and the more the merrier!  Now that is not to say you can not pop on over to all the other forums and post as much as you want.  Mostly it is so you get a chance to get used to things and they run a pretty awesome mini challenge in the recruits.  Mostly it helps you sort out your "why's and how" among other things that are important to help improve success.  However when it comes down to it all ... it is up to you.  Feel free to contact/pm me if you have questions.  If I can help I will and if not I know who to ask.  

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