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Fonzico <3s Kettlebells Pt 2


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Ahhh the good ol' Winter is Coming, Pre-holiday Challenge! No big surprises here, just the usual tweaking things around. Eat good food and sweat. That's where I'm at. 


Goal One: Workout +2STR +2END +1DEX

Kettlebells 2x per week

NF yoga 1x per week

for: 3 pts per week


A : 18pts+    B : 15pts+   C : 12pts+    D : 9pts+   F : <9pts



Goal Two: Metrics +2CON +2CHA

Calories: 1400 - 1800 per day

Carbs: <100g per day

Protein: >80g per day


All of the above, 6/7 days per week. 1 pt per item per day.


A : 105pts   B : 95pts+   C : 85pts+    D :75pts+   F : <75pts


Goal Three: Crafting! +1WIS +1CHA +1END

Near the end of the last challenge, I started learning to make amigurumi, and that is what all the little ones will be getting for Christmas! I also have to finish crocheting a blanket that I started almost a year ago, which is also a present for a little one. If I'm excessively productive though, I'll make her a stuffy too, and save the blanket for her birthday.


Complete one project per week:


A : 6   B : 5   C : 4   D : 3   F : 2 or less


Goal Four: +2WIS +1END

Organize my freaking house. Choose your own adventure style:

1. Finish cleaning/organizing craft/cat room (it's ALMOST done, but has been sitting in its unfinished state for weeks now) (15pts)

2. Bedroom (Achieved this a few challenges ago, but it's majorly slipped) (20pts)

2. Purge the basement! Get rid of:

 - Extra couch (20pts)

 - Random collection of boxes (10pts)

 - Leftover sheets of drywall (10pts)

3. Clean and organize laundry room/food storage (20pts)

4. Change all the damn burnt out lightbulbs. (10pts)

5. Put up curtain to separate fridge/bathroom area in basement. (10pts)

6. Deal with all the crap piled in the "dining room" (20pts)

7. Tidy storage area. This got deepcleaned about a year ago, but it's gotten a little unorganized since (10pts)


Aiming for about 20 pts per week. I may add to this list as we go. 


A : 120pts  B : 100pts  C : 80pts  D : 60pts  F :40pts or less

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Original post updated!


Week Zero so far:

Kettlebells monday - I think maybe I didn't eat enough? At any rate I was super light headed and felt pretty crappy. We did that whole "spell your name with exercises assigned to each letter" thing, and pretty much my whole name was arm stuff. And then we launched right into an arm set! So my arms were already pretty non-functional by then, and that's when I started to feel crappy. I did what I could for the rest, but it was not the great effort I usually put in. Survived though, and did not actually pass out, so that's good. 


Food has been a little suspect without the threat of reporting my metrics on here... so I'm going to do that for the rest of week zero. 

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Huge difference, the hair looks great.

Thanks guys! I love it so much. And I got the best reaction when I walked in to work today - they didn't know I was cutting it, and there was literally a chorus of gasps and whooping; it was very satisfying.
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Nice! I get a lot of 'you know you look like a lesbian, right?' to which I reply: good, because militant German industrial lesbian was exactly what I told the hairdresser I wanted and she was finally ballsy enough to give it to me. :)

Hubs told me I looked like Justin Bieber, which is basically the same thing [emoji14] I like your line though, I think I'll steal it! And besides, why should lesbians get to monopolize the cool hair?!
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Yes! I've gotten hot Justin Beiber before :) 


And the DH has on a few occasions gotten some 'damn, you are a badass being married to a chick who shares your haircut' looks, too. Maybe I should be offended? Like in a feminist sense? But mostly I find it amusing. 


He still uses more goop than I do. 

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Kettlebells \o/ 


You went missing for a while?! Glad to see you here again! And with kettlebells! 


Sounds like silly programming though :X Maybe you should say "hey, this spelling name thing is cute, but erm it doesn't make for a really well balance program mate" :P

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Kettlebells \o/

You went missing for a while?! Glad to see you here again! And with kettlebells!

Sounds like silly programming though :X Maybe you should say "hey, this spelling name thing is cute, but erm it doesn't make for a really well balance program mate" [emoji14]

Normally they're better balanced - she was just having some fun. And... It's more of a general fitness class than a kettlebell-sport class. Which I don't mind generally, except for the fact that it's really hard to gauge your progress since we're not setting any benchmarks, and each class is different..
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Week Zero Day Three:

Calories: 1192 Carbs: 92 Protein: 80

Calories were on the low side - my day was kind of runny around-y. I had to meet with my group to work on our class project, then I went straight to my friends house to babysit. She offered to leave me a plate of dinner, which I gratefully accepted. But I was a little nervous - she and I have very different food ideals. It wouldn't have surprised me if it were a plate of pasta or pizza. But it was a chicken breast with mashed potatoes and carrots! Win :)

Now I'm putting some chili in the slow cooker before work, and tonight is kettlebells.

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