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Week Three Day Four:

Calories: 1904 Carbs: 94 Protein: 108

Workout: Kettlebells

Crafting: My stuffy eyes and noses arrived! Finally! My enthusiasm had been renewed, and I got a bunch done on the chihuahua. It is now a head with one ear attached to a limbless body... Haha

Cleaning: Naw. I'm going to take laundry mountain this weekend though.

Kettlebell class was really good - there were only four of us, which was nice. Killer routine too.

Calories a little high, but as usual this is forgivable on kettlebell day :)

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Week Three Day Five:

Today was MmmFoood! Day. It was going really well at first - I had a sampling of the snacks at work, which were totally worth it, supper was fairly healthy but involved a generous portion of both baby potatoes and red wine. But things got a little bingey late at night. That's what I get for staying up, I suppose.

Workout: Rest day - ooh was I feeling those windmills!

Crafting: The puppy is almost done. She has both ears now, and a back paw. And her other paws exist, they just need to be attached, same for some spots, make a tail, and done!

Cleaning: none

Today I need to make some serious progress on a paper for my class. Only other intentions are to do some yoga and put away laundry. I'm barricading myself inside!

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Week Three Day Six:

So once again I went way over food-wise. Ugh.

Workout: Fire B

Crafting: Finished one!

Cleaning: Worked on the laundry situation.

Week Three Day Seven:

Calories: 1739 Carbs:129 Protein: 159

Workout: None.

Crafting: Nope

Cleaning: Worked on the laundry situation.

So carbs were still a little high (had dinner at my parents house... Couldn't turn down the homemade perogies) but better food choices overall. Back to normality now, I swear.

Didn't accomplish much else yesterday - I slept in, we played an easy 9 holes of disc golf, and I sort of picked at the laundry and my paper a bit. Had a nice visit with the fam jam though.

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Goal One: Workout +2STR +2END +1DEX

Kettlebells 2x per week

NF yoga 1x per week

for: 3 pts per week


A : 18pts+    B : 15pts+   C : 12pts+    D : 9pts+   F : <9pts


A : (3/3pts)  - I'm on a hot streak here! Full points so far this challenge. I've so fallen in love with kettlebells again, and it's made all the difference. There's just no question of missing class, and throwing in a 1/2hr yoga session on the weekend is not terribly demanding. 


Goal Two: Metrics +2CON +2CHA

Calories: 1400 - 1800 per day

Carbs: <100g per day

Protein: >80g per day


All of the above, 6/7 days per week. 1 pt per item per day.


A : 105pts   B : 95pts+   C : 85pts+    D :75pts+   F : <75pts


B : (15/18pts)  - Weekend food was very.. weekendy. I've been doing well through the week mostly though, so I'm just going to aim to save my Mmmfood day for the weekend, and remember moderation. I CAN get an A next week!


Goal Three: Crafting! +1WIS +1CHA +1END

Near the end of the last challenge, I started learning to make amigurumi, and that is what all the little ones will be getting for Christmas! I also have to finish crocheting a blanket that I started almost a year ago, which is also a present for a little one. If I'm excessively productive though, I'll make her a stuffy too, and save the blanket for her birthday.


Complete one project per week:


A : 6   B : 5   C : 4   D : 3   F : 2 or less


A: (1/1pts)  - Good for the week, but I need to make up some ground as I'm very much falling behind for the challenge... and for Christmas! I also need more yarn. Buckling down on this one!


Goal Four: +2WIS +1END

Organize my freaking house. Choose your own adventure style:

1. Finish cleaning/organizing craft/cat room (it's ALMOST done, but has been sitting in its unfinished state for weeks now) (15pts)

2. Bedroom (Achieved this a few challenges ago, but it's majorly slipped) (20pts)

2. Purge the basement! Get rid of:

 - Extra couch (20pts)

 - Random collection of boxes (10pts)

 - Leftover sheets of drywall (10pts)

3. Clean and organize laundry room/food storage (20pts)

4. Change all the damn burnt out lightbulbs. (10pts)

5. Put up curtain to separate fridge/bathroom area in basement. (10pts)

6. Deal with all the crap piled in the "dining room" (20pts)

7. Tidy storage area. This got deepcleaned about a year ago, but it's gotten a little unorganized since (10pts)


Aiming for about 20 pts per week. I may add to this list as we go. 


A : 120pts  B : 100pts  C : 80pts  D : 60pts  F :40pts or less


F : (0/20pts)  - I'm not claiming any points this week, because while progress was made, nothing was totally finished. The couch is going in our e-newsletter today though, so I'm really hoping that will be gone soon. Item 6 WILL get finished this week (it's so close) and the boxed should get dealt with too. Getting there!



Wow, I just can't seem to get through a week without failing one goal, can i? Still, not bad overall. 


Now, shall we COMPLETELY SLAY week four? I am thinking so.

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Week Four Day One:

Calories:1806 Carbs:79 Protein:125

Workout: Nope

Crafting: worked on blanket

Cleaning: None

Good start to week four! Food back on track, and I got 3 rows done on the blanket. 8 rows to go, plus making a border along the sides... So close!

Kettlebells tonight!

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OMG I think she was trying to kill us tonight...

We did a LOT of body weight stuff, which is usually mixed in, but not as much of a focus as today. And she made us use hella heavy bells for swings! There was just two of us taking the class too, so I felt like I was under a microscope.

I'm not actually complaining, but I am definitely stating that it was a challenge.

We did 5 rounds of the following:

5 swings at 2x8kg





20 power jacks (like jumping jacks, but you squat when you jump out)

15 Double mountain climbers (basically jump from a plank to a squat by your hands)

10 pushups

5 burpees

Now, I did not actually do all those reps. I kept up as best I could though, despite feeling quite lightheaded.

I was so wiped afterwards, and my stomach was feeling a little rough (lots of core work there, plus we did 5 mins of ab stuff at the end), so I chose to have a fatty, carby "meal" which consisted of a coconut milk/almond butter/ apple butter smoothie and a pile of garlic stuffed olives.

So carbs were a little over, but I felt I needed it, so *shrug*

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Week Four Day Four:

Calories:1651 Carbs:90 Protein:124

Workout: Kettlebells

Crafting: None

Cleaning: None

Kettlebells were good today - not quite as challenging (aka deathly) as last time, but a nice solid workout.

I picked up some crafting supplies afterwards, so I have what I need for the next couple projects anyways... Which I need to get busy on. But I have no more excuses, as I have the right colors now!

Good food day, although I decided to have a pretzel bun with dinner since I could afford it - which is fine, except that it was completely unsatisfying. What a waste of a carb fest

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Sorry for my absence..

My grandfather passed away on Friday, and so that has been my focus for the last few days.

It's not very unexpected, he's been very frail for a while now - spent most of last year in the hospital. It was still sudden though. I love him and I'll miss him... But he had a good, full life, and I don't think he regretted any of it.

Challenge wise, food has been awful. I keep telling myself this is no excuse to derail, but my willpower seems to be minimal. I'm trying though, I really am. I cooked up a pork leg in the slowcooker, so we've got a pile of good protein, at least.

I did manage to get my yoga session in on the weekend, so I'm still hitting 100% workout wise.

The cleaning/organizing projects ground to a halt (and frankly might stay that way until the new year) but I've been trying to keep up the crocheting. I'm probably not quite halfway done kitty #1.

I'll try to get a proper wrap up done soon. I AM going to kettlebells tonight.

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