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Fonzico <3s Kettlebells Pt 2

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That is the total pile of shit. Take care of yourself, be patient but not too permissive, and take some time to breathe and relax. Yoga sounds perfect for that - as does swinging some heavy stuff around.

Sent on dragon wing

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Thanks, everyone. I'm feeling a bit better now that the funeral is over. I've been having trouble working it up to care about finishing the remainder of my class in the midst of all this, but I just need to get through this next week + the final and it'll be done.

Been very uninspired this week in general in fact, food choices have been poor, and I didn't actually go to kettlebells at all. Sister and I have agreed that it's back to the grind next week, however.

I have good food packed today though, and am meeting with my group for our class project after work. Then I'm going out with the siblings and significant others - my brother is still in town, and we need to discuss our parents Christmas present.

Tomorrow I'm going to go shopping for my party dress and some presents that need to be shipped asap, and then getting my hair color touched up.

Sunday will be decorating day.

So I have lots of good stuff to keep me busy. I'll make a big batch of something lovely this weekend to round it out.

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Thanks, Tank.

The weekend went pretty much as planned. Food was quite a bit better, if not quite perfect. I made some really excellent clam chowder and some "lasagna" (thinly sliced sweet potatoes instead of noodles) which is to die for.

Kitty cat #1 is pretty much done, just some details to finish up.

I decorated the mantel, and assembled the Christmas tree (which is falling apart! This will be it's last year...) But forgot that all my lights are still hanging around my bestie's back yard from our party this summer. Whoops!

I did not manage a workout, but I'm going to finish this last week strong.

Oh and I DID find a party dress, I'll post pics soon. It's not what I was thinking, but I like it. In my attempt to be frugal, I borrowed shoes from my SIL... But I don't think I can handle the height of the heels! I may cave and buy new shoes too.

This weekend is party party party time (seriously. 3 in a row!) I know perfectly well I'm going to be stressed the eff out, because I took on way too much. Again. Babysitting Wednesday. Still so many presents to make/buy. Kettlebells. Final exam. Hosting brunch on Sunday. Sigh.

But forewarned is forearmed, or something like that, right?!

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Thanks for the dress talk, boys

Kettlebells happened on Tuesday - felt great to be back, although the DOMS are also back! Going again tonight though, which will help work it out.

Food has been really decent the last few days - maybe not quite excellent, but good.

I think I've got the majority of Christmas gifts that are being purchased either bought or ordered, just a couple small items left, and some things for my parents, but my siblings are helping with that.

Lots to make still though.

I'm almost done making another wrap bracelet for my SIL.

Hubs has been commissioned to make t shirts for the nephews and his BIL (I'll show you them when they're done, I'm pretty proud of the design)

One more amigurumi kitty.

And a piggy.

And a Pikachu, but only if I have time.

Finish the crochet blanket (so close!)

I'm planning to wood burn cutting boards for three couples... Which is ambitious, seeing as I've never wood burned anything! Haha but I'm getting some practice soon, as I'm making ornaments for my tree.

Why do I do this to myself every year? Oh right. Because shopping is awful.

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