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MR_Willes: "All about them Gains!"

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The Rebellion can be an overwhelming place, one day the (awesome) 6 week challenge is at end, you blink a few times, visit some peoples old and new threads, get a little excited about upcoming mini's, do some ambassadoring pre-work, watch a bunch of llamas and all of a sudden it's thursday, and you still have got zilch for your own challenge! Thanks to some ideas from other NF'ers everything fell in place, as usual.

Thank you (amongs others) "Urgan", "Insanity" and "SymphonicDan" for inspiration.







Quest 1: Gains through working out (strength and power)


Quest 2: Gains through eating right (muscle and physique)


Quest 3: Gains through efficiency (formcheck videos)


Quest 4: Gains through perservering (keep up habits)


LifeQuest: Gains them "moves like jagger" (Dancemoves)









QUEST 1: Gains through working out (strenght and power)


"Strength doesn't come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the thing you once thought you couldn't" - Rikki Rogers


  1. Thou shalt train weightlifting at least 3 times a week.
  2. Thou shalt focus on the parts that are in need of the most attention.
  3. Thou shalt be better informed on the types of excercises by the end of the challenge


I want stuff to happen. I like working out in my home gym. Some good workout music getting pumped, and hitting iron. Last challenge i saw a very positive change. I felt tighter, my weight went up, but my belt stayed on the same notch. So this is my attempt to further improve this. That means every week, without exception, will consist of at least 3 weightlifting sessions. My arms need more work, so i will focus some more there. This focus will be done with assistance excercises. Research will be done to keep efficiency up. Every week must have some time spent on research.









QUEST 2: Gains through eating right (muscle and physique)


"It doesn't matter how hard you work in the gym, if you don't control what you put on your plate" - unknown


  1. Thou shalt eat a little more than before
  2. Thou shalt eat protein rich food at a minimum of 3 times a day
  3. Thou shalt eat moar veggies every time


I know if i want to have gains i have to eat more. Last time i checked my score on a regular day was about 2000 kcal. Now i'm gonna add a little to that. I'm doing this in small steps. Since the last couple of years all my mind was thinking was: Eat Less KCALs! So i'm gonna start on the habit i created last 6 week challenge. And with every meal add a little to that. Breakfast, add some bread (but no sweet spreads!) Lunch, add a little bread (but no sweet spreads!). In the evening eat some more veggies, which will probably mean, eat all remaining veggies! Every day i will eat my standard 3 portions of high protein. Eggs / Greek yoghurt / Protein shake. Maybe take 2 shakes a day, but that's just a thought that needs more research.










QUEST 3: Gains through efficiency (formcheck videos)


"The purpose of training is to tighten up the slack, toughen the body, and polish the spirit" - Morihei Ueshiba


  1. Thou shalt make a weekly video in the first five weeks on performing a lift (Squat, Overhead Press, Bench Press, Dead lift, Power Clean)
  2. Thou shalt make 2 final videos in the last week to check if form has improved (if needed)
  3. Thou shalt post a link to these videos in this thread and in the form check forum asap.


I have had my form checked one time by a friend who lifts frequently. He says i have pretty decent form. But getting a second opinion is never a bad thing. So i will be making videos and will be posting them here, i have got a GoPro, i know how adobe premiere basicly works. So it shouldn't be much of a problem.












QUEST 4: Gains through persevering (keep up habits)


"Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements gained slowly over time" - John C. Maxwell


  1. Thou shalt drink no caloric beverages
  2. Thou shalt not binge
  3. Thou shalt not snack on bad food
  4. Thou shalt keep up with regular cardio


This is the special Quest, here i can earn extra when doing good with old habits and pay the fine when slipping up. I tried to make a summation of stuff i did in previous challenges. I thought of some sort of cumulative system. Just have to work it out in detail. You will see in the scoringsystem section.











LIFEQUEST: Gains them "moves like jagger" (Dancemoves)
"When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It's to enjoy each step along the way" - Wayne Dyer
One of the things i really, really, really enjoy is dancing. And the music of choice to dance to is somewhere between "Happy Hardcore" and "Hard Style".
(like this allthough i do it a bit more freestyle)
So i like parties where they (amongst others, also) play this kind of music. Actually it's quite a good workout for me, i think it even burns calories more than running.
A thing i always found really cool to see is the melbourne shuffle. And it's not just that specific move but the fact you can take that move and freestyle with it! Because dancing for me is going with the flow, feeling the music and freestyling to it. That's what makes it such a liberating experience! And this type of dancing can be applied to a lot more upbeat songs, thus broadening the amount of music i can dance to. And that is the most important gain for me. Being able to dance to moar music!
So the lifequest is here about, learning the basics, and after that seeing if i can freestyle of of it. I already did try to learn it, and i found it quite hard. So i'm hoping with a little perserverance i can get it to "click". Like i had with the things i do know.
Ultimately i want to be able to do something like this:


This is a strictly "just-for-fun" quest. So no points attached, but i'm trying to dedicate some time to it every week.








I'm gonna try a pointing based scoring system this time. Every week will be judged seperately and will receive a total score. At the end of the challenge the score of each week will be added and divided by six to get the grand total score.


Quest 1:

  • 250 points per weightlifting session: Base is 750 points per week
  • 50 points per workout with extra focus on assistance:  Base is 150 points per week
  • 100 points per week where there was about half an hour spent on research: Base is 100 points

Base total: 1000 points


Quest 2:

  • 15 points per meal where was added a little more (breakfast and lunch). Base is 210 points per week
  • 25 points per high protein meal. Base is 525 points per week
  • 25 points per meal where there were moar veggies. Base is 125 points per week

Base Total: 860 points


Quest 3:

  • 150 points per video made. Base is 150 points per week
  • 150 points if video is edited and posted. Base is 150 points per week
  • Special: At the end of the challenge, 150 points per lift where the form has improved dramatically, spread out equally over all weeks.

Base total: 300 points


Quest 4:
  • One or two beers (1st time): - no points, counter not reset
  • Mildly drinking or "2nd time": -50 counter reset
  • Heavy drinking (beer): - 150 points counter reset
  • First day of not drinking: 5 points on a counter
  • Every consecutive day not dirnking: add 5 points to the counter
  • Maximum points per day:  40 points
  • Day of binge -100 points
  • Every no binge day +15 points
  • Day of snacking -50 points
  • Every no snack day +10 points
  • a week without cardio -200 points
  • 1 time cardio per week -50 points
  • 2 times cardio per week +100 points
  • 3 times cardio per week +250 points

Max EXTRA points per week: 705




Quest1 1000

Quest2 860

Quest3 300

(Quest4 705)


Quest 1, 2 and 3 together gives a total of 2160 points if i stay completely on point the whole six week challenge, which is what i'm planning with those. 

Quest 4 can give me a total of 705 a week, but since that quest is about keeping up with habits i'm not gonna be so strict about that one and call it a good week when i get 440 points  a week (subject to change if too difficult or too easy)

So that makes up for 2600 a week (for now).


Stat points scoring:

A (100% stats) : at least 2600 points

(75% stats): at least 2200 points

(50% stats): at least 1800 points

(25% stats): at least 1400 points


To get an A+ i need more than 2700 points per week average. A+ means full stats and i'm getting myself a NF-shirt!

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YAY I'M ON CREDITS! LOL. Of course I'm on the gain train!


Now...about that bread. How do you feel about peanut butter going on that bread? Protein + calories = winning?

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Peanutbutter in my mind still yells: NOOOO, instant extra fat around the waist!!!! I'm in the beginning of a transition to more kcals instead of always trying less kcals...

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Peanutbutter in my mind still yells: NOOOO, instant extra fat around the waist!!!! I'm in the beginning of a transition to more kcals instead of always trying less kcals...


A wee bit of it could be just the boost you need in the morning, but baby steps, man. It isn't any easier to transition from eating less to eating more than it is to do the reverse initially, but you'll find your way to the Gainz.

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I am in for this. And not just so that we can continue the nebulous plans for a european nerdcation with DWK so that the three of us can Mudder it out together..... :P

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I think for now i will stick with my bread with cold meat, but sometimes we run out. And i really like peanutbutter... ;)


Sneaky sneaky....

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Form check videos is an excellent idea. I think I might need some of that too. I'm convinced I'm doing [things] wring with my squats and pull-ups/inverted rows. Right now establishing patterns and routines is of paramount importance, but as soon as I have them settled, I'm thinking it'll be time to get my head around making videos and getting some advice.


Will be checking in to see how this goes!

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Very good to see you Nimdyd! It's gonna be my first videos, so i have no idea how it's gonna work out. But we'll see.


Just took my first video for form check purposes, and it worked out fine. We won't bite, I promise. 

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I'm digging your quests! I've had a lot of the same thoughts and may very well end up incorporating ideas from others' challenges - once I actually get my challenge written up.


I'll be cheering you on for gains!!

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Lurking and learning...


Biggest problem on the rebellion, is all the stuff, there is so much fun stuff going on, that sadly sometimes i just don't have time to reply to everyone, i would like to spread mucho gifs in everybodies thread, but i also want to keep it a bit on point and funny ofcourse, and sometimes that's no problem but sometimes i'm just set on finding that one meme or gif, and it takes forever. So sadly a lot of lurking for me. The mail notification helps me a lot with at least keeping up with everybody.



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Ja, I am also struggling to keep up with so many awesome, inspiring people. So I like to show my support and that I've read, and actually sometimes I just can't comment because I don't have the know-how or every one has said it already. I truthfully sometimes (ok, most times) don't understand half the things people discuss, like your abbreviations above, but I can figure it out most of the time. Then it is mmmm.... oooohh mode for me.

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