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Office Treats in my FACE

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I love this! Need to work on this!! Great article.

You have lots of great advice up there! And for the record he was totally rude to force it on you.

I don't want to give him the complete benefit of the doubt (I do think it was a tad rude of him to completely disregard my wishes), but I think it could have also been in the way I said no thank you. Looking back, it probably come across as, "Oh, I couldn't POSSibly!" as opposed to, "Oh, no thank you *winning smile/get back to business*" Though I do recall saying, "I can't..."

Seems like I need to be more firm in my delivery.

This is where this little gem comes into play.. "I'm currently on a dairy/gluten/soy challenge to check my allergies.. doctor's orders." :D

Also, THIS. I think I'll be incorporating this into my now-firm "no thank yous." Thanks!

And thank you to everyone else for the awesome advice :D

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I don't like the whole lying idea, tell the truth and make them respect it. I get mean if I have to if they keep pushing.

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:) i knew it! and you're totally smirking as you type that too. i can tell.

also, this article seems pretty timely for this thread. didn't really read the whole thing, but i'm sure there are some takeaways that apply here: http://lifehacker.com/5875337/how-to-say-no-without-being-an-asshole

You see right through me!

I like that article. Especially the part about not making excuses. I hate feeling like I need to explain why I'm not eating something. I just don't want it. I may want it later. I may not. I may never eat it again. I'm not concerned about what YOU'RE eating (though, if anyone should be concerned about what they're eating it's probably most other people).

"I'm just going to remember to not eat like an asshole most of the time" - MoC

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