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Do not take your eye off the Sloth

Every time I go away for a few days, I come back and there's something like a page per day of new material in your thread. It's pretty awesome


I saw your Paleo question and saw people respond with coconut mile and almond four. I wish to offer and alternative perspective and it applies to Paleo or Zone or Atkins or Low Fat or whatever.

If you are changing your life for good, then change it. Don't try and pretend that you're not changing. When I see people on Paleo diets making fake sawmill gravy I think, that way lies madness. They're just continuing to tell themselves that sawmill is good and they should have some more. It gets harder and harder to turn away from the easy and accessible but crappy kind. If, instead, they teach themselves that it's totally ok to have a quarter pound of beef and four eggs AND IT'S DELICIOUS, the desire from sawmill goes away, crappy or otherwise. They no longer build their cravings and longings towards what they are supposedly leaving behind but build their desires towards what they have ahead.


I saw this quote from my poet laureate, Henry Rollins, today:

"Don't do anything by half. If you love someone, love them with all your soul. When you go to work, work your ass off. When you hate someone, hate them until it hurts."


Keep putting in the work every day and good things accumulate.  You taught me that.


I'm not doing Paleo, I'm not eating the things that tear out my gut lining.  It just happens to mimic Paleo (if it had a whole grains option). So yes, this a rest of my life change unless they invent artificial intestines like in Alien. 


I see your point and I agree with it up to a point. The missus brought home some fake cheese for pizza and we had to have a talk - I can't have that in my life as it's a gateway drug to the real thing.  However, I don't see the problem with switching out rice milk for real milk so that I can still enjoy the stuff I enjoy.  You'll never convince me that chicken fried steak smothered in white gravy won't always be awesome.


Mrs. Sloth agrees with you.  She thinks in a couple of weeks I won't like the taste of Pop Tarts.  That's just crazy talk.


We are survivors! Glad to see you're still here, looking forward to the next challenge :)


You too KBGirl.  I look forward to your awesomeness.


Now, off to try to put together a challenge.

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