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Zombie from Edmonton

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I've been visiting the site for a while and i thought it was about time i posted something.

I live in Edmonton with my wife and two young kids. I played sports in high school but since then i haven't really done much. Last May i started running again, during the summer it was easy to motivate myself, but when winter and the cold came i found i went out less often. I've recently picked up a treadmill and some weights. My goal is to get down to 10%-15% body fat, and gain some muscle along the way.

This is the plan i've been using the last couple weeks.


Jump Rope


Diamond Pushups

Dive Bomber Pushups





Basic situps

Leg raises



High Pull

Barbell Deadlift

Barbell Shrug

Military Press*

Barbell Hack Squat

Barbell Wrist Curl

Barbell Triceps Extension

Barbell Row - Bent-Over


Barbell Trunk Rotation

Barbell Upright Row

Military Press - Behind Neck

Barbell Biceps Curl*

Barbell Biceps Curl - Close Grip

Wrist Extension

Barbell Good Morning

Power Clean and Press

Running (Based on my treadmill pre programs)...

M - Speed Interval

T - Peak Interval

W - Weight Loss

T - Mountain Climb

F - 5k

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