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LF Recipes!


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I am posting on behalf of my best friend. He is about 150lbs. overweight with high blood pressure and his cholesterol is out of whack too. He is a single guy who is very busy and often forgets to eat until he's so hungry then he eats WAY too much, so he needs easy food on hand and available so he doesn't go too long without eating.


I'm looking for low carb, super easy recipes. Things like crock pot meals, casseroles, one-pot meals that are like throw everything together and apply heat. He does not have any dietary restrictions, but is wanting to stay pretty low carb. I am going to try and convert him to full paleo eventually, but right now I think it's too much for him to think about, so it doesn't have to be paleo. 


He loves ethnic foods, especially mexican (he's from texas), but also indian and asian foods, curries, etc. Spicy and flavorful is excellent. 


So, requirements:


  • low carb
  • low sodium
  • super easy
  • one-pot

Thanks in advance!

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He should/could do what I did as a freshman:


1. Take a pot, place it on stove, turn up the heat.

2. Cut up meat of choice, throw into pot.

3. Cut up two to four different vegetables, throw into pot.

4. Add some oil and random spices.

5. Stir a lot.


Hint: If fish is his protein of choice, add after the vegetables.


This way I quickly found out, how long each ingredient needs to be heated, what combinations taste good, which foods I like, what all those fancy spices and herbs taste like, etc.


But he has to adventurous.

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You can do the same with the crockpot. Toss in some meats, veggies, spices and oils and let it cook.


I use my crockpot for everything from chicken tacos and roasts to pork chops. I'm on an incredibly busy schedule so I always let it do the work for me.


He can also take one day a week and just make a couple of different meals to have throughout the week. Yeah that's a lot of work during that one day, bet after that all he has to do is just heat them up.


Stick with lean meats and veggies, if using oil stick with olive oil. Snack on fruit during the day. Also drinking plenty of water will help balance that diet out!

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A fun trick if he wants to shake things up, but it starts reaching into "effort" territory.


Preheat your oven

Take a pan with a metal handle (I like cast iron) and an oven safe lid or foil

On the stove top: heat up a little oil in the pan and sear your meats with spices in it

Throw your veggies in the pan.

Throw the pan in the oven.

Do not throw the oven.  While impressive, it is dangerous.  Especially when turned on.


When your meat and veggies are done, put everything on plates.

Put the pan back on the stove top.

You can now throw a little flour or corn starch in the bottom of the pan with some chicken broth (or wine or milk or beer or other broth) and wisk.  You get a nice sauce with a lot of flavor.  He can toss in some peppers or something to give it a little kick too.   It also scrapes those tough bits off the bottom of the pan to make cleaning easier.

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