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Rangers Gonna Ranger: The Official Mini-Challenge

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…


It is the Golden Age of the Republic.  Thousands of systems are united in relative peace and harmony, sending elected delegates to treat with one another within the Galactic Senate on Coruscant.  Under the watchful eye of the Jedi Order, the Republic has known peace for many years. 


The Jedi Order is at its pinnacle.  Training on the planet Tython, there are many thousands of Jedi either preparing themselves or actively serving on Republic-sanctioned missions throughout the galaxy.  The guardians of peace and justice throughout the Republic, the Jedi are a critical juncture to the Golden Age of the Republic.


But on the shadowy world of Korriban, there is growing discontent.  The Sith Empire is training vast numbers of initiates on their ancestral world, seeking to burgeon their ranks with a new army of infinitely powerful Sith Lords.  Malevolent presences are gathering, harnessing their malicious hate, and beginning to gather their forces in preparation for a peremptory strike against the Republic…




Welcome to the Ranger mini-challenge for the November 2nd to December 14th period!


Participation is entirely voluntary, this mini-challenge has only as much impact on your challenge as you decide, and no character levels or attribute points are assigned as a result of completing the goals here.  Now, with that said, let’s get started!



You will be presented with a new Ranger Skill or Trait every week in keeping with the theme of the previous incarnation of Rangers Gonna Ranger.  Based on the format presented below, you will design a Feat or Goal based on the weekly Skill or Trait and attempt to Ranger your way through that goal during this mini-challenge.  While you aren’t necessarily required to complete your goal/feat during the week that particular skill/trait is presented, it is recommended you do so if only to keep on track with everyone else.  There will be five weekly skills presented, with one final week available to play catch up. 


Remember:  Don’t sweat the little things.  This is for fun and educational purposes only.  Try to enjoy yourself!



·  Week 1:  Ranger Combat Skills â€“ This week I will practice shadowboxing for 10:00/day for four days.



Character Name:

Force Skills:

General Knowledge:



(Addendum:  Here is a fun quiz that associates personality traits with the color of one's lightsaber blade if you aren't set on a color already:  http://www.buzzfeed.com/awesomer/what-color-lightsaber-would-you-wield.  It's results were quite accurate for me based on previous lightsaber quiz experience.)



This list has been hammered out over the last couple of challenges but remains a work in progress.  Feel free to make suggestions for additions or addendums (keeping in mind that some attributes can fall under an umbrella term, for example Archery can fit under Combat Skills.  Not all Rangers are archers, but some may be).

  • Combat Skills (archery, firearms, unarmed combat, melee weapons, martial arts)
  • Food Sourcing (hunting, fishing, gathering, farmer’s markets)
  • Food Preparation (meal processing, cooking techniques, different sources of heat)
  • Stealth & Tracking (stealth movement, tracking,
  • General Movement & Getting Around (climbing, rappelling, hiking and mountaineering, rucking)
  • Swimming (includes freediving, snorkeling, and scuba)
  • Water Movement (surfing, paddleboarding, watercraft)
  • Winter Movement (skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing)
  • Advanced Movement (skydiving, animal-driven transportation, trail running, parkour, obstacle course races)
  • General Survival Knowledge (knot-tying, fire-starting, shelter-building, healing and first aid, camping)
  • Animal Companions (taming, calming, and charming animals)
  • Rangerly Hobbies & Activities (geocaching, woodcraft and whittling, leatherworking)
  • Rangerly Knowledge of Nature (geology, weather prediction, astronomy including stellar and celestial navigation, knowledge of plantlore)
  • Rangerly Competencies (foreign languages, improvised tools and weapons, basic repair techniques, map making and reading, estimating time naturally)
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Drops this here. Woden uses ravens, I use an iphone.

In honor of the new challenge commencing..   Star Wars CATS!  

Movement challenge: Nailed   For this first mini challenge I decided to go explore an old abandoned trapline I found a month ago. It snowed all night so it was very nice out there. I was hopping to sp

It is time to forge your own story and destiny.


You are a novice Force-user serving either the Light or Dark Side and have just arrived at your faction’s training center on either Tython for the Jedi and Korriban for the Sith.  A ranking master has taken a notice in your capabilities and is keeping a close eye on your recent progress, but hasn’t mentioned anything particular about taking you on as their apprentice.  That shall not do.  If you are to capture the notice of your would-be master, it is time to really stretch those skills out and garner some fame or notoriety.


Jedi Order:  There are murmurs of an ancient Jedi holocron being unearthed by locals in a settlement nearby, leading to a power struggle between the native townspeople.  Each vying for what they believe is untold powers contained therein, conflict is sure to erupt if intervention is not enacted.


Sith Empire:  Three novices dead, one Sith Lord missing.  What started out as a whisper among the Inquisitors of untapped artifacts being discovered within the tomb of the ancient Sith Lord Marka Ragnos, has now spread throughout the ranks of the Lords and novices of Korriban that an ancient holocron was found within the shadowy recesses of the tomb. 

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Jedi Order


A light breeze ushered in the crisp smells of autumn on Tython.  As usual the mid-morning routines at the Jedi training grounds were well underway, younglings and novices alike practicing their Force skills both in small groups and individual under the tutelage of their masters.  Surveying the well-organized progress, Master Kaen Do-Ran grasped his wrists together beneath the folds of his chocolate brown Jedi robes, noting that there was many new Jedi recruits who could leave their mark on the Jedi Order.  One recruit in particular had caught his eye (you), but Master Do-Ran wanted to wait and see how your novice training progressed before committing his time and energy to your training as a Padawan.


Many new recruits were preparing to join the reaction force heading to a local settlement in response to brewing conflict between locals over an artifact of unusual power.  Master Do-Ran had faith in the abilities of his charges, but was most interested in your potential as a leader among peers and how you could handle such a potentially dangerous scenario...


Sith Empire 


Three novices dead, one Sith Lord missing.  That was unacceptable under the charge of Lord Krado. 


Lord Krado paced the balcony outside his apartments in the Sith Temple on Korriban fuming.  The air practically crackled with Force power as he channeled all of his hate, anger, and frustration into formulating a response to this unfortunate series of events.  His superiors on the Sith Council would not tolerate failure of this magnitude.  Force ghosts or no, Krado would respond to this occurrence decisively.  Stopping his pacing abruptly, he turned on his heel and strode off toward the novice training area.


Like a force of nature, Lord Krado appeared before the handful of Sith initiates (you) going through their daily training efforts in the courtyard.  To a man, they stopped and offered their obedience to the ranking Sith Lord as he presented himself before them.  Simply put, Lord Krado ordered you to seek out the mysteries of Marka Ragnos' tomb and report back with your findings, or not to bother returning at all.



It's time to heed the wisdom or avarice of your would-be master.  To handle the situation that has been relayed to you, you first have to arrive at the incident's location. 


Week 1's Skill is General Movement & Getting Around (climbing, rappelling, hiking and mountaineering, rucking, etc). 


The sky is the limit, so use your imagination.  Set your Goal and head out!

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Jedi Order


The settlement was quiet.  Few enough individuals were occupying the streets, but otherwise the atmosphere was quiet.  Maybe too quiet?  Nonetheless, you gird yourself for whatever happenstance may occur and prepare to reconoiter the village.  In the back of your mind you can hear Master Do-Ran's words of encouragement and suddenly remember that there is more resting on this mission than just your potential future Knighthood. 


A possible Jedi holocron.  A wealth of the Order's history.  The potential for knowledge is boundless; the potential for abuse even more so.


Sith Empire 


Lord Krado's crisp, clipped words echo in the back of your mind, Report back with your findings or do not bother returning at all.  With that ever presently in your mind, you tread where only a few others have gone before, and of those, several are now dead.  A shadow and a fear whisper for dominance, but you marshal your anger and your hatred, silencing any doubt, for you are Sith, and Sith do not fear the unknown.


Taking another step forward into the darkness that has followed you your whole life, you enter the Tomb of Marka Ragnos, to what end even Lord Krado cannot speculate.


You have arrived at the settlement where your Order has sent you.  It's time to scout out the location and determine the goings on in the area.


Week 2's Skill is Stealth & Tracking.  Head out and practice your intelligence-gathering skills (staying within social norms and not breaking the law, of course).  Sneak around the house, follow some animal tracks, or skirt the fence of an old building.


Off you go, Force user!

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Jedi Order


Settling into the routine of observation is taxing on even the most patient of Jedi.  So far there has been nothing of note to report back on, other than the unusual silence reigning over your surroundings.  Watching only the occasional village person track their way across the square is mind-numbing.  What's this?  Several large intimidating thugs arrive on site that you hadn't noticed before.  Their arrival complicates the situation and turns a routine observation mission into something far more dire.  Now you really must keenly observe before making a move on the village.  Thank the Force that you prepared ahead of time and packed something to occupy your time while you are staking out the village.


Preparing to settle in for the long stake out, you keep one eye trained on the village while keeping the other amused with your hobby of choice.


Sith Empire 


The cavernous foyer to Marka Ragnos' tomb fills you simultaneously with awe and dread.  It is quiet here, possible too quiet, as you carefully skirt millennia-old artifacts and adjust to the malfunctioning light fixtures.  Deep into the tomb you sojourn, seemingly endlessly.  Eventually you come to a collapsed magnetically-shielded door.  Despite your best efforts the door will not open.  In a fit of rage you channel all of your hate and frustration into destroying a nearby support structure, nearly bringing the ceiling down on your head.


Now trapped, with only your own anger to blame, you send out a message through the Force for your one and only friend among the Sith Initiates to come and aid you.  While they travel to your location, you are thankful for a keen mind prepared for anything, even carrying a personal item that will occupy your mind in the meantime.


Through circumstances beyond your control, your initial mission has hit a bump in the road and you now have some time to kill before proceeding on task.


Week 3's Skill is Rangerly Hobbies & Activities.  Share with us one of your favorite Ranger-style hobbies or take the time to embark on a new one.  A few examples featured above on the Ranger Cheat Sheet include geocaching, woodcraft and whittling, leatherworking, though the sky is truly the limit, as always.


Enjoy some downtime this week, Rangers.  From the sounds of things, you've more than earned it!

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Jedi Order


During your stakeout, a local child accidentally stumbles onto your location.  Shocked the child flees to inform its parents of your presence.  You chase after the child to quiet its cries but only arrive in time to be confronted by the concerned family and a small knot of villagers.  Having never seen you or your kind before, and having only limited knowledge of the Jedi and their ways, they are understandably wary of you.  Especially that Jedi weapon you are carrying on your hip.  They have heard terrifying stories involving those laser swords...


In a moment of curiosity, the once-frightened child breaks free of the village mob to warily inspect you...


Sith Empire 


Rescued from the unfortunate cave in at Marka Ragnos' tomb by another initiate, you refuse to have your reputation sullied by an 'accident' and leave your rescuer to rescue themselves from the cavernous tomb.  Taking care to blockade the tomb against their own escape, you set out again through the catacombs to seek out the source of power your initial mission had lead you toward.


Coming upon a strange fleshy creature deep within the darkness, you see it clinging to a box-like metal object.  As soon as it notices you, it rises to its feet and draws up to its fully imposing height.  Several feet taller than you, the creature reveals its fangs and spreads its feet apart in a defensive posture.  Force Lightning seems to ripple across the creature's entire body...


Out of the frying pan and into the fire.  Time to act fast and win over the villagers or creature, for better or worse, through diplomacy or oppression!


Week 4's Skill is Rangerly Competencies.  Now's your chance to showcase or learn some epic skills to impress the villagers!  Wow them with your command of foreign languages, your quick-witted improvised tools, repairing a local structure or some equipment, even demonstrated some other outlandish skills sure to ingratiate you into their simple lives.

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Jedi Order


More or less accepted by the village crowd at this point, you've made great strides toward rebuilding trust between the villagers and the Jedi Order.  Ages old grudges are weakened by your displays of grit and skill.  If nothing else, you've made a name for yourself personally and the erstwhile villagers have made the first tenuous steps toward extending their trust towards you if not the Order at large.


But they still seem to have the holocron.  You know it is a treasure to their ranks, but in the wrong hands it could spell disaster.  The Jedi Order needs that holocron.  How you go about this task speaks a great deal about your future with the Order, and even more about your character as a whole...


Sith Empire 


Defeated, the creature falls at your feet and a powerful feeling of success overcomes you.  Your strength and power have grown exponentially since you stepped out from under the Sith Academy's authority and their imposing dogma.  You're your own Sith now, waiting only for the full attention of a Sith Master to unlock the archaic and mystic secrets of your people, and surely magnificent levels of power shall follow.  Your destiny is one of conquest and manipulation.


Stepping over the creature's prostrate form, you collect the delicate triangular item.  A Sith holocron.  As you do, a commotion interrupts your reverie.  A gaggle of your fellow initiates have arrived at your moment of delicious victory.  Whether you share in your success, lie and hide your newfound source of power away, or destroy all comers between you and the surety of gaining Lord Krado's notice is entirely up to you at this point.  But remember, the Sith Empire is not known for sharing in its victories and it is far too easy to be outshone by a rival...


It's either time for negotiation or imposing your influence on others.  Either way, your hands are nearly on the source of power you've been chasing for some weeks now!


Week 5's Skill is a surprise challenger!  I present to you, Rangerly Appreciation!  This challenge has been one of those long slogs and some of our confidence and motivation is dwindling, but there are those of us who rise above the average Ranger.  Their motivating posts and check-ins are especially inspiring and always serve to keep us accountable and right on track!  In keeping with the spirit of the season, showcase one or more of the most meaningful moments of inspiration another Ranger has shared with you.

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Jedi Order


With the villagers appeased and new friendships garnered, you return to the Jedi Temple with the holocron in hand and a measure of pride gained in your skills as a diplomat.  Though you aren't terribly likely to see your new friends among the villagers again, you value the experience and will not forget the lessons learned on their behalf.  Turning the holocron over in your hand as you continue on your route back to the Temple, it seems strange that such a small object should allegedly house such unfathomable knowledge.


Master Do-Ran's faith in you will be well-rewarded, you think.  the Temple looms before you, and not entirely unexpected, Master Do-Ran himself stands on the cusp of the entry foyer.  A smile adorns his grizzled face as you walk up to him, hefting the holocron in your hand...


Sith Empire 


No one is left to stand in your way now.  Holocron in hand, you leave a trail of bodies and destruction in your wake as a true Sith should.  Tried and tested, you are now more confident than ever in your power and abilities.  Surely your destiny is to become one of the most powerful Sith Lords in the galaxy, perhaps even a member of the Sith Council.


Strolling into the Sith Temple like a conquering hero, Lords and Initiates alike behold your entrance in muted awe.  Apparently one of the other initiates had made it back to herald your arrival, but you cannot be sure just what manner of tale they spun for the others.  Lord Krado atop the grand balcony within the Sith temple, a feral grin crosses his face.


"Come this way, Initiate," Krado purrs, that eerie grin never leaving his face.  "Follow me into my sanctum.  We have much to discuss now..."


At long last, despite a setback or two along the way, you have returned to the temple of your order and are now presenting yoruself before your would-be master.  What happens next... is the Will of the Force.


Although fitting Week 6's trait into the story would have been forced and awkward, nonetheless I promised a concrete attribute for the final week of Rangers Gonna Ranger.  As the seasons are beginning to change at long last, no matter which continent or ecozone you call home isn't quite lost to bad weather.  Take advantage of that opportunity to get outside and Ranger-Up your week.  Week 6's skill is the Rangerly Knowledge of Nature!  Now is the perfect opportunity to share your outdoors education and discover the wilds.  Demonstrate a skill, educate yourself on a topic, or showcase your abilities wherever wilderness can be found.  A list of appropriate examples are as follows: geology, weather prediction, astronomy including stellar and celestial navigation, knowledge of plantlore.  As always, the list goes on and on, and the sky is the limit.

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First! *follows and goes back to read everything*


Edit: Some great stuff, Rurik. All tests in the past have said my lightsaber color is purple, but this time I got orange. Seems appropriate, as I'm torn between the side I'll be picking on this one...

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First! *follows and goes back to read everything*


Edit: Some great stuff, Rurik. All tests in the past have said my lightsaber color is purple, but this time I got orange. Seems appropriate, as I'm torn between the side I'll be picking on this one...


I'm orange too.  Gladly it was both the color I would have picked and the one I scored through the quiz, and I'm similarly debating my place in the Star Wars world as you.


Imagine that.  DarK_RaideR and Rurik on the same page again...


I'll give this a try. I'm just hopping there won't be too much water stuff as it is winter and the lakes are already frozen solid :)


Nah, the last Rangers Gonna Ranger taught me the importance of keeping Feats/Skills approachable to all manner of seasons.


Looking at you, Australians!

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I'll join in. Looks like you guys need a Sith anyway.


Character Name: Kilas

Alignment: Sith
Race:  Human
Class:  Imperial Agent
Occupation:  Assassin
Force Skills:  Illusion, Mental Manipulation

General Knowledge:  Evasion,

Lightsaber:  Red

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Woot! So in. I'll have to go take that quiz and fill in my character sheet tomorrow but wanted to throw in my excitement to the mix!

Sent by TARDIS delivery service. Apologies for typos caused by interactions with the time vortex.

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I got purple too! Go team moral ambiguity!


Character Name: Kida Damar
Alignment: Jedi
Race: Human
Class: Outlaw
Occupation: Explorer
Force Skills: Protection Bubble, Battlemind, Precognition
General Knowledge: Piloting, Reconnaissance
Lightsaber: Purple
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