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Rurik Harrgath

Rangers Gonna Ranger: The Official Mini-Challenge

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Just wanted to express my thanks to Rurik for putting this together, and also update my last 2 mini challenges for completeness because I'm a jerk and had moving troubles during the holiday season so I totally dropped off the internet map.  But I kept up on reading on tapatalk and did stuff on my own for my challenge, even though I was very neglectful otherwise.


Week Five Inspiration - While I didn't post about it because I hate doing long posts on tapatalk I totally looked to Darkfoxx's holiday light ruck to get my inspired to keep rucking even during my busy schedule and just going out for a bunch of less than a mile rucks every day definitely add up! And help blow off stress.


Week Six Knowledge Nature - I have a foraging book that I read about halfway through and abandoned it for something new and shiny a few months ago.  I picked it up and started reading it again!


Looking forward to the next challenge and mini! So excited to finally have time again to get back into all the nooks and cranny's of NF.

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I'd like to echo Pat and Raxie in thanking Rurik. It's been a wonderful mini challenge and I'm sad that life kept me too busy to properly participate. Here's to next round!

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