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Erick the Red: All we are is dust in the wind...

Erick the Red

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Lost the motivation to write as well when all the cool kids finished their NaNoWriMo.


Motivation to try NaNo then next year! If I can do it, so can you!


Just add your not-so-successful goals to your next challenge and keep at it!

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Level 38 Lupine Pirate = STR: 98 || DEX: 91 || STA: 102 || CON: 76 || WIS: 88 || CHA: 75

Current Challenge: 

Past Challenge List: Challenges 1-38

Battle Log: Battle On, Eli!

"You're the best kind of crazy." -Murphy, Dresden Files

"That's wolves for ya; good guys!" -Wolf, 10th Kingdom

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I have been walking a lot, but have not gone on a real run since the end of the challenge in December.  My right ankle still whines at me occasionally walking up stairs.


Working on new goals, so no January challenge.  I have been floundering for a real fitness goal for a long while.


Nothing interesting to report so far.

Current Challenge: (Feb-Mar 21) Step by Step

My Epic Quest Character Sheet  *** Old Challenges and Links hidden below


My Old Battle Log

(2012) 1st (Scout) 2nd (Scout) *** (2013) 3rd (Warrior) 4th (Warrior) 5th (Warrior) 6th (Assassin) ***

(2014) 7th (Ranger) 8th (Scout) 9th (Monk) 10th (Scout) *** (2015) 11th (Ranger) 12th (Ranger) 13th (Ranger) 14th (Ranger) 15th (Scout) 16th (Scout) *** (2016) 17th (Ranger) 18th (Scout) 19th (Scout) 20th (Rebel)

(2021) 21st (Adventurer)

Past groups: The Wild Hunt 6 *** The Serenity Crew *** The Wild Hunt 5 *** The Wild Hunt 4 *** The Wild Hunt 3 *** The Wild Hunt 2 *** The Wild Hunt 1 *** Browncoats

Achievements: (20 Sep 2014) Completed first half marathon *** (17 Feb 2014) Finished mission to bring body fat from over 25% to under 12% over six months (trying to repeat that now)



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