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I am so late so very late. But, hey, at least the new challenge hasn't started yet.

This one will be a bit weird. Bear with me.


There is a pile of things that fight for my attention. This pile is not getting any smaller, sadly.



But those things, as important as they seem, are only distractions, necessities, but not what I want to spend my energy on.


Let's get to the gifs and lists and things, shall we?


  • my birthday Nov 2nd (tea with family) ✓
  • private breakfast with best friend
  • visit friend (Constanze(&baby?))
  • kids' birthdays (December 3rd and 14th)
  • interviews and more applications: find an employer
  • fix finances (more financial strife)
  • finish PT and cement daily workout habit done but got more PT to schedule. Yay, getting better with the habit too
  • meal planning & batch cooking: plan&do.
  • start writing down recipes
  • take notes in general (workout, meal planning, recipes)


Goals for this challenge.



continue 30 DAY push up challenge



MAINTAIN walking 1+km or 25mins/d, Spanish 20xp/d, Danish 20xp/d, swim 1+/w, eat paleo (dairy and legumes allowed, snacks don't count as food -yet),



MEAL PLAN make a plan before any shopping, take notes 2+/w




Live more CONNECTED TO SOURCE: breathe and just be 5 min 1+/d




(and while I'm at it: appreciate the exercise I do get, do enjoy and do do: walking, swimming, PT, dancing)


In a sense it's going to be a focus-on-the-minimum challenge, there is a list looming, and that's all fine, but there is specific things I want that I can do, even if my world is hectic and in turmoil.


Here's a fancy spreadsheet (yes, you folks are inspiring)


(and no I have not yet fixed my signature, I'll get to it, eventually.)




love ya all

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Welcome back, you two!


Amazing news: Earlier today I got a call from one of the firms I have send an application to: interview is on Thursday. So exited, they are actually the one where the call went really well, and I'm really psyched :)


In other news, stress level has been comparatively low, for a birthday week, and I got a few compliments for the good food I made for my guests... to add perspective: household things don't come naturally or easily to me. And my mother in law and sister in law are really good at them. Lovely people, and I still try to compete. But lately I'm getting to a place where I do well with my plans and goals and stress less, which results in easier work again.


So there were two store bought cakes, and these:


A dozen apple roses


My mother in law makes these AMAZING preserves every fall, and this time I used her apple-elderflower gelee for the filling... plus I switched one tbsp of water to rose water, giving the pastries just a hint of rose scent/taste, without being overwhelming... I wasn't quite done when they arrived (as I said: doesn't come naturally) so my sister in law watched me make the last few... commenting on she would never make them, too much work... I actually did have the "It's not that much work, and by the way, you're worth it" answer...


They aren't paleo, but I count them as snack food, and they were for my guests mostly anyway.


Experimenting with soups. Bought a butternut and a hokkaido today.

AND two pans that can go in the oven, no plastic handles. Yay, frittatas, here we go.


Talking about birthday gifts: Mum gave me not just the bathing suit we bought together, but also a stemp card for the pool, essentially giving me 10 free visits whenever I want.


Hubby gifted me a pull up rack. And after a lot of heartache putting it together (cheap crap) and handing it off to him because "I GIVE UP" *fling* he managed it...

It turns out all the door frames in the appartement are too wide though, all but one. After having given up a while earlier, we went to brush our teeth: bathroom door frame is thin as can be. And after much "If I fall down, I'll blame you" *cringe* it did hold up and much yay was had.


So a big happy birthday was had, with family in person and friends calling. Forgot to do my danish vocabulary exercises. Will have to do better today.


Still reading through all the challenges...

How do people keep up with these rangers. So much awesome in one place.




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It's so hard to keep up with everything going on just in the Rangers forum! And I find that every challenge I add more people to follow!


It sounds like things are really looking up at the moment, between your birthday, which sounds like it was fun, and the job interview on Thursday! :)

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It's so hard to keep up with everything going on just in the Rangers forum! And I find that every challenge I add more people to follow!


It sounds like things are really looking up at the moment, between your birthday, which sounds like it was fun, and the job interview on Thursday! :)


It really does... I blame the start-of-the-challenge-energy... it's everywhere.


Happy belated birthday!

Sent by TARDIS delivery service. Apologies for typos caused by interactions with the time vortex.








Interview went well. I think. Tuesday I am to be in the firm, a way to see if I fit with the potential future colleagues. Some things went really well, some things I'm not so sure about, hours are more than I had hoped (hubby will need to switch his hours if I do get the job, but he said that would be no problem), there are still other applicants in the race as well, so not all is well yet.


Will go back to my pumpkin soup making and meal planning.



I really do blame the first week energy for all the good stuff going on atm.


Hope you are in good places


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Guys, this really must be the first week of the challenge energy.


A dear, dear friend of mine and I just talked each other into a writing challenge. We will both write a story that we stopped writing for one reason or another and check in with each other next week.

With everything else going on:



But damn. Exited.



More soon, weekend will be busy.


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Hello Rebellion!


Today I learned a few things. I'm going to write them down here, as to make sure I don't forget. Again


  1. I love writing. Reader independent (=*.pdf), off-harddrive backups are your friends, remember them.
  2. Pool is frikkin crowded around 11am-1pm. Avoid at all cost.
  3. Using Autoregulation to make Continual Progress, even on bad days

I finally caught up with some of the threads out there (yeah... I will not even TRY to keep up with everyone, Rangers are INSANELY busy posters).


Food was a mixed bag, some good some bad. I did enjoy the birthday cake, and really made some healthier choices overall towards the end of the week. But there were some potatoes here and there, not sure why, I'm not even a huge fan of potatoes.

All things told I didn't log 2 days, but all the others I should be well within my calorie budget for the week.



Wish I had more time for play, for fun, for wonder. Or even gaming. Or just to sit and stare off into space and let the mind wander. I notice myself doing that sometimes... wandering off. But by that time I'm usually so tired already that bedtime, it is. Like now.


Tomorrow will be an interesting day. We'll see.

Next Friday is my last PhysioTherapy/PersonalTrainer session, will miss it. Not sure why I still always get the DOMs from it. Sometimes that is really annoying.

I need more workout time at home too.


My brain is mush. I'm babbling. I need to shut my eyes. And go to dream land.


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Be ready for another word vomit.


Tuesday interning/shadowing was great fun. Yes, I really do enjoy the work of the legal and notary assistants. Their process will run for another 4 weeks, the wait will be a busy one, just can't afford to sit around and do nothing, so I'll do more appllications. I had been worried about the long day, but it was ok (granted there wasn't much pressure on me, but still) the only exhausting thing was the grocery shopping on the way home.


Fun fact: For the first time since before I even hurt myself I actually had the urge to work out. Sure I didn't right away, but I did this morning. Just a little bit of a body weight routine. Leave them wanting more, right?


Tonight (Wednesday) is signing class and I will walk to dance class afterwards(see below). It will be a late night but with everything else on my plate I can use the de-stress effects of dancing class.

Potentially swimming Thursday morning, depending on if the child is back in kindy or still home with being sick. He seems less meh, so I might get to the pool afterall.


The obligatory annual paternal dinner coming up Thursday night, hoping it'll be a restaurant with good food choices available.


Today throughout the day it seems gray and meh outside... so domestic rangering it is.



You'all be good.





PS Plus writing.


PPS Lack of overall attendence has led to my wednesday dance class being suspended... That means the child has to be fit enough for Kindi tomorrow, so I can get some laps in.


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Hazzah! The weekend is here! Almost!


Do you know those weeks when Tuesday comes along and you think:

And by the end of Thursday you're like:






Yeah... I have one of those. BUT weekend should be good. Even though kids are home. We shall see.


Thursday: I stayed nearly 500cal under my budget, but that could have been because I hit a new PR: Swam 78 laps (of 25m each) in 90 minutes. Would have liked to hit that 80, but there's always next time.



was okay-ish not eaten much yet, but I haz pumpkin plans for later.

PT said to get another slip for more sessions with him, I could barely get cheaper workouts, and he thinks it's a good idea.

A ) I agree and B ) I like working with him. (even though the DOMS rarely leave before Mon - when I have PT on Fri)

So called the doc, can pick up paperwork anytime just have to come in and have my card read (German health care is rather straight forward). Yay, will send hubby on Monday :)


We did all kinds of funky movements today, arms, shoulders, lot's of core strength and some knee kicks and chain punches... but I have no idea what they are all called so my fitocracy is sad and empty.


Plans for the weekend include some pasta (kids have been asking for pasta) so I will be flexible and/or adjust my dietary choices. I don't feel like cooking all weekend. So I may grab a bowl of casserole or spagghetti and meat balls if I feel like it, we'll see when I get there.


That's from me for now.

Oh, witchy gif:



You be goot!





(If you can't be goot, take pictures - but don't put them on the internet - the internet never forgets)

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PT can be really crazy, eh?  I'm doing all this balance stuff and I think "this looks easy" but I come out of the appointment exhausted! 


Enjoy your weekend!


Hey Terra, it sure can.


My weekend was very nice. Very nice indeed. I'm currently in the process of "hitting the deck running" so to speak, getting things off my back, doing all the annoying calls, and jumping all the necessary hoops. "Adulting" is what you guys keep calling it, I think. So yes, doing that.


Still a lot on my list, but hubby and I are working together to get the stuff done, feels gooot, achievable. (found droptask app for android, free version allows to share up to 5 projects with (untested ammounts of tasks with untested numbers of people) I really rather like it. Hubby picks up my paperwork at the doctor's, ticks it off as "done" and I get a message "hubby just completed xyz task", it simplifies communication. I had installed "out of milk" for that thing, because it has shopping-list, pantry-list and to-do-list features, but the sharing is not working right... droptask is working fine, on first glance anyway. We'll see.


Going out to do more adulting. You guys be goot.



PS witchy pic:



PS Adulting done for today, but t'morrow will be a heaping serving again... Treat when done: cooking a fresh chicken soup from scratch.

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Hey there Katrin! Sounds like you are getting better and stronger since last challenge. Hope you get good news about the job. I like hearing about how you and your husband are helping each other out and working together. Life is hard sometimes, and it's nice to know someone has your back!

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Hallo Rebellion,


usually around this time of the challenge I would be hitting the "meh" and "mimimi" pretty hard. This time around? Not so much. Hubby is all over me, grabby and gropy, which is nice in itself. We had a convo in which he literally pretty much like this:

him: "Keep doing what you're doing"

me: "You know the weightloss is due to the changed food not the working out."

him: "Yes, keep doing that too, but the workouts are the reason it's not all going flubbery."

me: "Good point. We need to grab groceries on the way home."

him: "*grump* Ok."


So yes, getting some unmistakably positive feedback. And doing pretty good overall. No major cravings lately at all. No arguments about eating differently than anyone else, it seems accepted. A bit sad that my wednesday night dance class was canceled... others don't fit into my week as well, and because of that I have not yet been to class once since my recovery. And don't really feel like it either, have to see. It may just be the meeehhh in a different guise, or it may actually be time for a break from dancing for me. I don't know, kinda tired of second guessing my thoughts. "I don't wanna." and I'm gonna stick with that for the moment, my life is busy enough as it is, figuring out different busses and such can wait a little longer. (that was quite the word vomit right there, apologies)


Weekly swimming with mum is A-OK. PT is on hold till the 18th. I have a brunch with my friend here planned for Saturday, made a few good food choices, and done all the grocery shopping for it too. Will look into alternatives for english muffins, but I think I'll just go with it, eat "nonpaleo" and enjoy it. I'm overdue for a treat anyway. Freezer is well stocked with paleo leftovers, can have -I think- four meals without cooking, plus all the frozen veggie bags I use for frittata, or stir-fries, plus two boxes of soup ingredients, for whenever.


I have not been writing applications or creatively in the last two weeks, so that's not awesome, but almost all the other burocracy is finished up. Some lose ends, but nothing to sweat too much about. I hope.


I found myself with an open bottle of coca-cola yesterday night... frowned, put the cap back on and got my carbonated water from my desk, thinking: "Odd." But honestly am amazed. In the past I would have had a sip or two and THEN put the bottle down. This time I didn't. Feeling pretty damn good about that. Occasionally still have a glass of unsweetend juice with water, but I finally got over the lemonade thing... maybe. There's to hoping.



So yes, contra to expectation I am chugging away and happily so. And no mid-challenge blues anywhere in sight. Hope you guys are happy and as awesome as I know you are. I'll have a visit some time today or tomorrow...



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Monday wasn't so awesome afterall. But it turns out: I'm getting better at managing the rough water life tends to throw at me.

Monday I made myself a sports bottle of bulletproof chai, and packed a bag of almost all eventualities, and drove south for a memorial. It was really yum, if a bit "thick" and substituted any eating I would have done.

At the memorial I waited with a friend and commented that "these things never get easier" but I must say a ) it was a very helpful ceremony and b ) the ceremonies we created to get through rough patches like that... they do help. That might be me reaching a certain age, but I am at peace with the rituals we do to let the deceased go out of our lives.
I'm not eager to organise one myself, obviously, but when the time comes I imagine I'll do okay.

Afterwards my mum's car had a broken handbrake, resulting in a long and annoying wait for help and more waiting for repairs, which thankfully was done around 5pm, at which point it was full dark and I had to drive (without navi or decent map) through unknown city home. Around 18:20 I arrived home to my D&D round finalizing the character creation of dwarf number 3. I ate delivery crap food (chicken curry) but I skipped the rice, and most if not all of the snack food.

Had a call from school to finish off the day on a low point, before we ventured out into the ten-towns of ice wind dale and I had a chance to unwind with my friends.

I must say I'm amazed about how well I'm weathering the whitewaters.
Today, Tuesday, I woke at 5:30am, an hour before my alarm and almost 3h before my goal sleep duration, because I went to bed last night with the idea in my head that I'm going to go get a swim this morning.

So I'm gonna go do that.

Yes, I'm growing more adaptable, more resilient, less set in my ways. Maybe (at 32) I'm finally growing up, who knows.

Will edit in a gif or two, when I'm at the pc later.


Thanks for sticking around. It helps that I can check-in with you guys here, it really does.

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Hallo Rebellion!


So apparently Monday threw me more than I thought... or the mid-challenge-lull finally did catch up.

I've been skipping more habits than I executed. It started Tuesday, gonna have to pay really close attention to what I am and am not doing for the next couple of days. Even basic patterns put down in challenge 1, back just after easter... gone out the window, damn hard.


Tuesday I did 30 laps in 30 minutes, Which is all the swimming I did, because of the slow start I got that day.


Today is Friday, week 4, almost weekend, I'm thinking about which habits to put my foot down at and which ones are too exhausting to fight over. Also feel like doing a workout, so I'm gonna head to bed early and put the workout gear out before bed. Time to get back into it. One PT session in December (18th) and the next one after that is mid January. Seems I am on my own for a while. Need to get some dicipline. Really difficult that.


I have a pile of things to do... domestic rangerin' all around.




PS Anyone of you fine folk ever had the inclination to go around mothers, mother-in-laws, aunts and great aunts and such and gathered up all those family recipes? I find myself doing that atm. Cookie recipes from my grandma and my inlaws, soups and roasts from my aunts and grandmas... so much knowledge, and childhood memories, and I'm trying to preserve 'em. Just wondering if any other females have the same urges around early thirties, or if that's a me thing.

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I've had a bout of domestic rangering and a very sluggish mind and body, so making those work together has been, let's call it interesting.




Early bedtime tonight and tomorrow, and a bit of cleaning before gaming. Those have to be it for now, anything else... can wait a few days. As a treat: decorating winterly and maybe getting my knitting needles out of hybernation. Some banished and maybe some Jessica Jones on Netflix. We'll see. OH and smoked salmon, just because.


(I just noticed how much treat there is for so little work... but maybe I need a little pampering right now.)


Hugs all around




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Had a long think on sleep duration and always falling short. I aim to sleep Ø 8h per night. And like anything I try for too much too quickly, so instead of the 8h goal, resulting in 12+h of sleep deficit in the last fortnight, I switched to 7:30h which I can reach easily by sleeping ca 15min more per night. While I was at it I changed the bedtime alarm to half an hour before bedtime instead of 15 minutes, made it a thunder rumble that also uses the LEDflash. We'll see how it goes. Once I reach 15 minutes more sleep per night I can aim higher.
Baby steps.



PS feeling like crafts again, sigh.... if only I had the time. Internet holds too much inspiration...


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Bedtime around 22, asleep not before 23h, I fixed the alarms (switched for last week's school excursion bollocks). Bedtime alarm and everything should be back to normal now.


I awoke at 4:30, realising the time and how dark it was outside still, I turned off Twilight on my phone and read another two chapters of my ebook about habits (blue light helped me wake up fully). Turned off the alarm (6:30), got up, boiled water for chai (last tea bag arrgh), did the hot water thing with the tea bag, went for shower and morning routine, packed the pool bag while I did that (even the flip flops YAY).


Dressed, put tea, butter, coconut oil, half a spoon of honey in blender (remembered to close kitchen doors), make morning deliciousness, sports bottle. Munch on cherry tomatoes, while I fill lunch box for kid one. Put some in there for him too, he might eat 'em... hope dies last.


Go brush teeth, make sure kid one is going to be okay getting up on his own (daddy sick with a cold, will probably be of little help), he is, leaving for the bus 5:55, even remembered to brush my teeth, bring a hat AND shawl, I'm amazed.


8 minutes for bus waiting, could have timed that better, pool was delicious, 15 min 18 laps, breack (5 min), 15 min 16 laps, break (5 min), 16m30ish 18 laps. out of the pool before 8, when I left the building the Bundeswehr Soldiers were just arriving for their turn.


Bus and more bus, plus buying tea on the way home. All good, Kid 2 wants mamma... Yes, dear, I'm on my way.


Decent morning all things considered.


Since then I've been sitting with the kid, ordered food for kid 1 online, then sat at my computer, been looking at the absurdity that is pricing in the US (see goruck backpacks) been thinking about having a second backpack so my swim bag can stay packed at all times (unless it's drying, duh!). But not willing to spend more than x on it, I mean really!

I feel like I've not donw anything, when really I've had a rather active morning... Might be the dishes and laundry waiting for me still, my dishwasher has not been delivered yet either, sad puppy eyes.


Some gaming (or not - mum's here, gotta go) then Ikea with mum's car (and mum) and a LIST FROM HELL  MUAHAHAHAHAHAH: *cough*


Anyway, Mondays.

I do seem to get out of bed at the oddest hours for solo pool time... food for thought.



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Solo pool time sounds heavenly!!!  What a busy morning.  Enjoy your trip to Ikea, the nearest one to me is a 7 hour drive away  :grey:




Ikea is just down the road... maybe 7 minutes by car? 10 with 2 red lights... it's really close. And I DID and even got 3/4 of the things I had planned on buying... I hate it when they change around where stuff is though, don't you? I mean I make a plan, I go in with a male, meaning NO BROWSING go in, get the stuff, if you're really fast you might even have time to look at plants or seasonal decorations before the hubby loses his patience. I mean, don't they have any sense? Anyway, walking back and forth -twice- before I got most things, and then I gave up on the other two things, it's all good, we even got mother-in-law's birthday gift for kid 1 (new rug for the kids' room. Sounds lame, but what is lame is the current rug. UGH). AND had dinner too (love smoked salmon, plus there was some veggie balls with quinoa... not sure about the paleo-ness of that, but it was GOOOT). Mum and hubby had some time to talk as well, which is always nice. Hubby doesn't do small talk, so bonding is ... interesting.


ANYWAY going to bed EARLIEST tonight. And it was SO GOOT. I have to leave the house with kid 2 at 8:50 at the latest tomorrow. And already I'm thinking about if I can squeeze another pool visit in in the morning.... I'll check my sleep app later, see how much "behind" I am. And then, if I wake up way the heck early again... maybe.


May not though... long day tomorrow again.


Anyway, I was called to watch Jessica Jones, gotta go.


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