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I'm 31 today. The last year has been really interesting and I'm hoping to continue the fun this next year while still focusing on being a productive, good human being. This is a pretty simply formatted list but I'm excited to start checking things off. I may add some goals if I think of a good one.

Run a 20 minute 5K
Run Bloomsday in less than 1:12:00
Run a half-marathon
20 consecutive pullups

Climb Mt. Rainier
Climb a technical rock peak in the local mountains
Climb a technical ice/snow peak
Two multi-day kayak themed trips
Two backpacking trips

Dates - Go on one “romantic†(not climbing or hiking) date with my wife per month

Nov - Walked to a "Science on Tap" lecture night with fun discussions coming and going

Dec - Went to an art gallery event

Jan - Film festival night


Our house is in need of some remodeling. We’ve done a lot of work since moving in but a few things remain to make it much more enjoyable to live here.
Finish the bathroom remodel project

Finished January

Install a utility sink
Build porch railings
Paint all of the main floor rooms in our house

This is sort of a “general†category.
Work up to $(a dollar figure) in Savings Account. I know the figure but I don't really want to post it here.
Go on at least six fishing trips
Spend time with Dad (I’m now two hours away from where my Dad lives but don’t see him very often.)

Went to lunch, went snowshoeing

Obtain my Water Distribution Operator license

Read a non-fiction and a “fun†book
Attend 3 concerts
Inform myself about and participate in all opportunities to vote

11/3/15 - Voted in local elections.


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Happy Belated Birthday!!!


Your outdoor quests just sound fantastic and I love the sound of kayaking/backpacking adventures.  I'm truly jealous that those things are in your next year plan - please be sure to take photos on those adventures!


The voting goal is an interesting and responsible one.  I might have to copy that it :)

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Stumbled across this.  Is this your Feb challenge or is it a Battle Log?  Haven't seen "Level up your life" as a category before.

It's not really either. This is supposed to be a place to post bigger, more overarching goals. I think a lot of folks use it on a larger than one year basis. Honestly, I just like making lists and this seemed like as good of a place to put it as any other place. :)

Level 14 Elven Blacksmith

current challenge - yearlong quest

14 13 12 11 10 9.1 9.0 8 7 6 5 4,2 4.1 4.0 3 2 1

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