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Strength and Steps [vibrantnotions]


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I really do need to drop some body fat but calorie counting and eating in a deficit just isn't working for me on a whole right now. I think it's best kept to shorter periods such as one challenge instead of across multiple challenges. You know, for personal sanity sake.


So this challenge I'm switching it up and I'm going to have FUN and participate in self care or "boosters". I'm going to lift weights, and eat to support it. And instead of trying to decrease consumption I'm going to focus on increasing activity. I'll reexamine my calorie deficit options in January.


Goal one: Strength


Strength train 3 times a week


For now I'll stick with StrongLifts, but I might modify soon and change one of my days to a barbell complex or some form of strength training intervals.


Goal two: increase steps

Current week day average: 3,073

Current weekend average: 6,565


Goal week day average: 4,000

Goal weekend average: 8,000


My job is incredibly sedentary and I have a long car commute. Weekday increases are going to take some serious effort on my part. I'll need to do some trial and error to figure out what it takes to get my steps up to 4,000.


Weekends I think should be easier. I really just need to stop being lazy, and add in a walk.


Goal three: Physical Booster


vitamins - take em

track sleep - what is tracked is improved


Life Quest: Emotional Booster

Craft or work on a project weekly. Something fun and rewarding.


Side quest

Get bedroom under control/finish KonMari of the clothes


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Hey vibrantnotions :)


Adding in a walk on weekends will definitely increase your number of steps (that's what I did during the last challenge). :)


*Stalking your new challenge*




YAY walks! I know when I walked a 5k recently I hit 8k steps before it was over. So I walk really should take care of it.


HI!!! Good to see you.


Walks are the best. How are you tracking your steps, out of curiosity?


Thanks! I'm glad to be back! I have a computer now so hopefully it'll be a lot easier to follow along.


I have a Fitbit One. I clip it to the center of my bra. 

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Hi! I must find you. Unless I did already, at which point I should find you again. :)


Following :) What kind of crafts do you do if I may ask? And how do you track your sleep, is that something your Fitbit is doing?


I do all sorts of things. I'd say my primary thing is knitting, but it isn't necessarily what I do the most. I do general crafty crafts, quilling, needle felting, wood burning, and sewing. I tend to dabble a lot. My fitbit tracks sleep! It isn't perfect of course, but it gives me an idea.


I swore I'd be more active on the forum this time around, but so far it hasn't happened. I MAYBE got obsessed with watching Arrow on netflix (no spoilers please). And then there was my extra dorky stuff. I'm playing a game of diplomacy over the internet (messenger/text mainly) with some friends and taking time to talk and negotiate is taking up my evenings, oh and board games. 


I'm going to try and do better. I swear. 


Week 1 in review

Lifting: 0.

I mostly blame my sick toddler on this one. Morning before work or evenings after dinner are the times I can make it to the gym, and little bit was home sick ALL last week with a high fever. He was understandably clingy and adorably pitiful.



Mon: 3258

Tue: 3070

Wed: 2296

Thur: 2069

Fri: 2347


Sat: 9426



So no where near my goal average of 4,000 steps per a week day. My closest day was monday which was the day I stayed home with Zach. I just puttered around my little house doing chores, and hung out with him on the couch some. One thing I didn't think about was the impact of day light savings. When I made my goals I looked at my historical data and I was averaging a little over 3,000 per a day on work days. Now I realize a decent amount of that came from playing outside after dinner, or taking the occasional walk after dinner.


It's dark after dinner now. 


I knew this would take some experimentation to get there. So I'm just going to keep working it. One thing I noticed is my fitbit doesn't seem to pick up walking in place, or pacing a little bit in a small area - which is what I can do at my desk. I realize these are still beneficial but for now I'd like to concentrate on measurable improvements. So maybe a walk. 


Body boosters: eeeeeh

I took my vitamin a few times which is better than none. 


I didn't track my sleep. 


Emotional booster: done!

I went out and collected leaves, pine cones, and acorn tops for some natural crafting projects I want to try.

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 I MAYBE got obsessed with watching Arrow on netflix


ME.  TOO. 


The obsession is real.  And I'm all - slow your roll, it can wait, but then shirtless training and I'm watching another episode.  HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?  Stupid NF blog being all super awesome and engaging and introducing me to a ridiculously awesome show that I don't have time for.  (Probably what I meant to say here was THANK YOU, NF!)


Love.  It.  (Spoilers aren't likely from me, I've only watched the first few episodes, but the obsession goes deep in this one.  We can commiserate.) 


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Well I've been failing at participating this challenge. I'm out of town visiting family unexpected because my father had to go in the hospital. He'll be ok.


Week 2:

Strength training: did all 3!! Felt so good to be back in the gym. And strength training is so much more fun when you aren't eating at a deficit. 



Monday: 3,733

Tue: 4,964

Wed: 2,623

Thursday: 2,541

Friday: 4,738


Saturday: 7,153

Sunday: 9,485


You can tell I went to the gym Tue and friday because I take a short walk after I'm done lifting and it bumps my steps up above 4,000.


Vitamin - ehhh


Tracking sleep - nope.


Crafty project thing - I think I did something, but I can't remember what.

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SO...I have a funny story for you.  Today at recess, my students were playing super hero, and one of them yells "I get to be Arrow!"  and I geeked out with him about it.  He just found the series on NetFlix, too.  (He actually said to me, "I'm allowed to watch two episodes when we don't have homework, so if you want me to catch up to where you are, don't give homework tonight."  He's 9.  So funny!) 


So really between you and him, I now have a responsibility to binge watch the show. 



Sorry about your dad - hospital visits and unexpected travel are stressful - take care of yourself!

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