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Fellow Assassins,


I’m back to training and self improvement after suffering a head injury during sports play. I'm thankful for a slow, but full, recovery. My goal for these next six weeks is to become more efficient, so in that spirit, I’m going with a short, no-nonsense kickoff post.


  1. Daily Pushups and Situps Routine – 200 pushups and 300 situps every morning (it’s going to be tough, mornings are my weakness)
  2. Shorter Showers – this sounds banal but after getting hurt, my respite was long showers. Got in a really bad habit here and want to limit showers to three minutes.
  3. Bed Time – Go to bed by 11:30 every night (other than Saturdays)
  4. Eat three meals a day – I have gotten in the habit of skipping breakfast.

Looking forward to doing these. My life is really good, but a couple of these things have been bad habits that make me get unnecessarily down on myself.  Appreciate your support as I try to break some bad habits and build some good ones. 



Level 5 - Assassin


STR 7, DEX 13, STA 9, CON 15, WIS 11, CHA 4


Challenge #: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


“We are funny creatures. We don't see the stars as they are, so why do we love them? They are not small gold objects, but endless fire.â€

- Henderson the Rain King, Saul Bellow



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Hey, fellow Red Team member, how's the challenge coming so far?  I too try to get my workout done in the morning.  It gets easier the longer you stick with it, and it helps that you have a set curfew.


Thought I'd stop by to see if are going to be able to jump into this week's challenge?

Very old battle log
Previous Challenges: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Previous Mini Challenges: 2, 1

Assassin: Extremely competitive, tends to bust out bodyweight exercises when faced with waiting in hiding, and loves a good team vs team faceoff.  - Alexandrite

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