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In Which Rowan Caldecott Eats Real Food

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I’ve been so overwhelmed by all the recent changes in my life that after failing my previous two challenges, I took the last challenge off. I still tried to keep up with my movement as much as possible; not always as successfully as I wanted, but I didn’t give it up altogether either, which is very different from my old patterns. I don’t want to miss another challenge, though, so even if I’m a couple of days late, I’m back. And this challenge is all about the food. My food has not been going well since the move. For so long my kitchen did not feel at all functional. As a result, I have been dining out almost every night. This is terrible for my finances and my health. I feel sluggish and bloated and just generally yucky. I’ve also been eating too many salty snacks, like chips, which makes me feel even worse. Ugh! I need to start cooking and eating real food again.




I don’t know why, but each of the steps involved in cooking at home is a hurdle at which I often fail. It gets overwhelming to me very quickly. So I’ve broken it down here into those steps and made each one an individual part of my challenge. I hope that will help me figure out my sticking points and focus on each one individually in order to move forward. Because I have so many steps just to tackle the food, I’m not including any movement or life goals in this challenge, although I am continuing to move. That will be back for next challenge. But the reality is, when my food doesn’t work, my energy is low and my pain is up, making movement difficult. So getting my food back in line can only help with my other fitness goals.


Main Quest: Get my food working again so I have the energy to do the things I want to do.




Quest 1: Food planning – I have to plan a menu and make a grocery list weekly.

A = Plan meals/make grocery list weekly for 6 weeks (+3 WIS)

B = Plan meals/make grocery list weekly for 5 weeks (+2 WIS)

C = Plan meals/make grocery list weekly for 4 weeks (+1 WIS)


Quest 2: Buy groceries – I have to buy the groceries to make the meals I have planned.

A = Grocery shopping weekly for 6 weeks (+4 STA)

B = Grocery shopping weekly for 5 weeks (+3 STA)

C = Grocery shopping weekly for 4 weeks (+2 STA)


Quest 3: Food prep – Some basic prep on a weekly basis will make cooking much easier; things like chopping up and freezing veggies and meats; maybe even assembling some things to be cooked later in the week.

A = Basic food prep weekly for 6 weeks (+2 CON, +2 STA)

B = Basic food prep weekly for 5 weeks (+1 CON, +1 STA)

C = Basic food prep weekly for 4 weeks (No stats)




Quest 4: Actual cooking – Now we finally get to the actual cooking. 5 nights a week is ideal, but at this point, I’d settle for 3.

A = Cook dinner 3x/weekly for 6 weeks (+2 CON, +2 STA)

B = Cook dinner 3x/weekly for 5 weeks (+1 CON, +1 STA)

C = Cook dinner 3x/weekly for 4 weeks (No stats)


Motivation: I have a lot going on and I need the energy and focus to tackle them. Food is key to that because it makes such a huge difference in my energy levels.

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Level 4 Slayer

STR 9 | DEX 7 | STA 6 | CON 9 | WIS 9 | CHA 5

Challenges: Current 4 3 2 1

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Mantra for 2015: I am here

"Riskless is hardly worth your effort." Seth Godin

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Day 1: Nothing on my challenge, did level 1A of the Core Performance workout, which I've restarted because so far it's been the only thing that decreases my lower back pain.


Day 2: Did Day 1 of the Darebee Foundation Light program, level 2.

Quest 1: Made a meal plan and grocery list, using the NFA level 4 meal plan

Quest 2: Bought groceries

Quest 3: Prepped the meat that I bought - broiled hamburgers, chopped up stew meat, and separated the 5 lbs. of chicken I bought into 1 lb. bags.

Quest 4: Made dinner - rotisserie chicken, green beans, microwaved sweet potato


I feel pretty good about getting so much done today. Especially because technically, I started a new job today, although I was only there for 2 hours filling out paperwork and being shown around the office. But tomorrow the real work starts, so I'm happy I was able to get food prepped and ready today.

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Level 4 Slayer

STR 9 | DEX 7 | STA 6 | CON 9 | WIS 9 | CHA 5

Challenges: Current 4 3 2 1

Battle log


Mantra for 2015: I am here

"Riskless is hardly worth your effort." Seth Godin

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