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"Red meat every day can raise cancer risk"

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From the source material

Red meat (as defined in the study it is fresh meat)

There was no overall association between red meat consumption and risk of pancreatic cancer.
The overall RR indicated no statistically significant association between red meat consumption and pancreatic cancer (RR=1.13; 95% CI=0.93–1.39).

Processed meat:

When results from all studies were combined, an increase of 50g per day of processed meat consumption was associated with a statistically significant 19% increased risk of pancreatic cancer (RR=1.19; 95% CI=1.04–1.36), without heterogeneity among studies (P=0.46; I2=0%) (Figure 2).
A positive association between processed meat consumption and risk of pancreatic cancer is biologically plausible. Processed meats are usually preserved with nitrite and may also contain N-nitroso compounds. N-nitroso compounds can further be formed endogenously in the stomach from nitrite and ingested amides in foods of animal origin (Sen et al, 2000). N-nitroso compounds reach the pancreas via the bloodstream and are potent carcinogens that have been shown to induce pancreatic cancer in animal models (Risch, 2003).


Eat fresher meat in moderation and limit any processed meats.

Also of note this was a meta-analysis study. The results, while interesting, should be taken with a grain of salt because it combines the results of several different studies which may have different methodologies and different amounts of control, which the paper indicates in the discussion section.

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Grok would not approve of the twisted conclusions pulled from a semi-accurate survey.

i would imagine a great deal of grunting and clobbering (bet you've never heard it called that before! ;D) would ensue...

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I don't know what Grok's scientific credentials are, but if you are trying to replicate a paleolithic diet, I doubt he used chemical additives to cure meat like modern meat processers use.

It's hard to guess what the causative factors are from a study like this. It may be the chemical additives or it may be that people who eat a lot of hot dogs and bologna aren't eating much fruit and vegetables or any number of other lifestyle variables.

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There's a growing body of evidence that a fuckton of nitrates and nitrates isn't the best thing ever for long-term GI health, and commercial cured pork is loaded with 'em. Fine as a treat, not as a staple.

I don't see anything in the press to recommend grass-fed over industrial-fed fresh meat, at least from a cancer perspective. Animal welfare, and the other stuff that goes on in industrial farming, yes (routine antibiotics, for example), but not ZOMG cancer.

"Living is a cancer risk" is a worthless aphorism. You want to be snowboarding at eighty, right, not crapping into a plastic bag piped into your side? Long-term risk is wise to mitigate. That's kinda half the point of this "fitness" thing. :)

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