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Dizz digs in


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I feel like I've recovered sufficiently to return to previous scheduled programming. :)


Left leg is still weak, but no longer tripping me up. I'm back to 5K running at close to my old pace. Went on a 4m hike last week that felt like it strengthened lefty better than anything else.


I'll post more stuff later.  I have a hike to go on. Weather is perfect!

Level 9 Tiefling Ranger/Scout

STR 9 DEX 16 CON 15 INT 10 WIS 13

Current challenge

Mordor: Hobbiton -> Rivendell (238/458 miles)

Water advice  Join the Circus!

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Good heavens! Am I really the first person to reply after three days?

Hi Dizz! How's the juggling coming along?

Level 20 Ferret Demon Scout

STR 43 | DEX 21 | STA 49 | CON 30 | WIS 45 | CHA 21

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Valeu a pena? Tudo vale a pena Se a alma não é pequena.

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