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Greetings, fellow Rebels! Newbie by the name of Plazmotic here, excited to do this. :)


Quick backstory: I was an extremely skinny child with a high metabolism, grew up into a badly underweight and weak/tired young adult who hated food/eating/cooking, am now an average weight adult who is making up for lost time by eating All The Things.


I've never been able to hold an exercise routine on my own. The three times in my adult life I have been active, it was because I had a workout buddy who wouldn't take any of my crap excuses and pushed me to exceed. I've tried running, yoga, Pilates, Zumba, etc. but nothing quite speaks to me yet. Every April I do participate in the CN Tower Climb (yep, I climb 1,776 steps/144 flights in 30 minutes!) and I'd love to crack the 30 minute mark in 2016.


I'm already doing a lot of the right things food-wise; I don't drink pop (gave it up almost 10 years ago), I don't really have a sweet tooth so cakes/cookies/candy aren't a problem, fast food and takeout are not a regular occurrence, I drink a lot of water, don't have a big breakfast, and I LOVE all vegetables. My weakness is salty/savory snacks; I am a potato chip monster, LOL. I've set myself a modest goal of not eating chips Monday to Friday for now, small steps and all that.


I think my biggest obstacle will be my husband hahaha. He isn't really interested in getting fit, tells me I don't need to change how I look, thinks breakfast is incomplete without heaps of bacon, etc. But I'm the primary cook during the week, which means I can slowly introduce healthy food and he has no choice but to eat it. ;)

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