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Help! I don't know where to start!


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My friend and I have recently joined nerd fitness, and we are super pumped! Then we realized we don't really know where to start. 

Let me tell you a little about myself.

I'm 23, 5'2 and weigh in at 297.


In high school I was extreamly active freshmen year I did wrestling untill my head hit the floor, and I played soccer all for years. After that my depression became even worse then normal which caused me to over eat to the point where I went from a size 18 to a size 24 in a matter of months.


After getting that under control (well I wouldn't call my eating habits control) I have slowly been gaining weight ever since. My heaviest being 305.

My problem now is that when ever I try to start working out I push too hard and hurt myself. With my excess weight I have bad hips and knees.


My friend is in better shape then I am, but it would be nice if we could still do stuff together even though we are at different levels.


I would just really like some advice on  where to begin. Right now for equipment I have myself and dumbbells that are light weight.

Thank you to anyone who can help!

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If you look on the main NF site under resources, there are several free workouts. I like the Angry Birds to start out, because it is easily adaptable to your level. Since you are new, just start with one set , and then add in as you adjust. Better to start slow than to get hurt.

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Welcome! I tend to injure myself by starting too quickly too. There are so many little bits and sensitive pieces to our bodies that need time to acclimate to exercise.


Some low-impact activities that you might look into (according to your interest): swimming, bicycling (stationary if not outdoors), elliptical, walking/treadmill walking. If possible, you might want to inquire with your doctor about getting a prescription for physical therapy. You can get some recommendations according to your specific needs/injuries for exercises.


I find that the best place to start is with something that interests me, then I try to make it a habit. Even if it's just doing some activity 3x weekly, then at least I'll have that down as a regular routine. Then I can add/change from that core activity.

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I think everyone else has you covered as far as workout advice goes, so I'm going to talk about food. You mention that you wouldn't't really consider your eating habits to be under control. Why? Does it have to do with the types of food you eat, quantity, excessive snacking, etc? Can you pin down what your food issue is?

Here's the thing, "you can't outrun your fork." It sounds trite, but improving your eating habits is central to most fitness related activities. You may find that by just changing a few thing you could easily lose some weight. This would then make exercise easier on your joints. I'm not suggesting ditching the workouts, however I am suggesting that you examine both diet and exercise.

There's a ginormous amount of info on NF about various styles of healthy eating. Look around and see if there's anything that might be a good fit.

I know you were mostly asking for exercise related advice, but I hope this will be at least a little helpful to you. :)

-sent via iPad; apologies for any typos

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I got started by logging everything I ate (I was using Weight Watchers but they recently changed their system, so I would recommend something like the iPhone Protracker app instead of WW now).  If you've read the articles on Nerd Fitness, you'll find that the most efficient route to weight loss is to control what comes in (vs. trying to "burn off a brownie."


Hiking is a great exercise to do with a friend. It's literally an adventure. :) The more-fit friend can wear a backpack (loaded with everyone's water!), do walking lunges, etc. to "handicap" herself, and the less-fit friend can just hike at the most vigorous pace she can muster.  I have knee/hip/ankle issues, and I find that hiking on a trail doesn't cause pain, but if I walk on pavement at the same intensity/duration, I am miserable the next day.

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The thing that helped me the most the first time I lost weight was tracking food. I did weight watchers and lost 80 lbs. Then I got pregnant and gained 70  :numbness: This time around I'm using LoseIt to track my food. Its a free app and you can add friends. If you use lose it friend me (Bria Pittman) and we can hold each other accountable :) I've lost 20lbs and I've got 50 more to go. Womp womp. lol 

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Congrats, Bria!!!

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Hey, I was wondering what the update to this was? Do you have a plan now, or are you still in need of advice? Are you sticking around to try out the new Challenge? Tell me everything!



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