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Michaela - An Orc's Great Quest

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(For my NerdFitness adventures, I've created the character of Michaela, an orc living in an isolated village. Her adventures have started in the November 2nd to December14th challenge, in "An Isolated Orc Village."


Despite the name of this particular forum section, there won't be any daily updates here. The challenge threads are good enough for that. :) This thread will contain her profile and basically link all her challenges together. It'll allow me to keep track of my changes through her {weight, sizes, etc.}, and perhaps create some profiles for some of the minor characters in her story. I do enjoy making character bios.


Now for Michaela...)



(She's actually a lot nicer than she looks.)


Full Name: Michaela Barge of Gul

Species: Orc

Age: 35*

Gender: Female*

Village: Gul

World: Terra


Map Version

Area Around Gul


• Hair: Dark Red

• Eye Color: Blue*

• Skin Tone: Green

• Height: 5'4"

• Starting Weight: 290 pounds*

• Starting Quest (Nerd Fitness) Weight: 281.6 pounds*

• Current Weight: about 272 pounds*

• Scent: Forest



• Father: Siarl

• Mother: Moyra^

• Sister: Iscah

• Chief: Oraul

• Trainer/Role model: Rojeon




(In signature. Yeah, I know I'm going to be lazy to keep those updated in two places. Lol.)




• 981 • November 13, Born in the village of Gul

An Isolated Orc Village (1)

• 1015 • November 2, Training Begins

• 1015 • November 12, Gul's mother city, Waruk is destroyed.

Leaving the Orc Forest (2)

• 1016 • January 3, Amethyst, her pet homing drake hatched.

• 1016 • January 17, Michaela leaves home.

The Orc is Back (3)

• 1016 • April, Michaela failed to keep up her training. She was captured, and taken into a dungeon. (Story in "Dungeon Orc" since "The Orc is Back" was ditched.)

Dungeon Orc (4)

• 1017 • Early April, Michaela helped fellow prisoner, Adhara to escape. Adhara promised to come back with a rescue.

Orc Flight (5)

• 1017 • Late April, Adhara came back with reinforcements, rescuing Michaela and others.

An Orc's Drake (6)

• 1017 • June, Michaela is given a new drake, Sapphire, who is large enough to ride.

The Orc and the Dragon (7)


* Items marked with this star are the same as me.

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Orc ~ Level 4 ~ Michaela's Profile

1 • 2 • 3 • 4 • 5 • 6 • 7

Strength 8 • Dexterity 3 • Stamina 4 • Constitution 7 • Wisdom 3 • Charisma 3

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My Weight Chart


Look at all those ups and downs. It's like a roller coaster! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! Yeah, after the first ten pounds, it was like a year of losing and gaining weight. Now I'm looking forward to that final drop, with a few bumps along that way.


12/21/15 Edit: LilySlim has a 52 date/weight entry limit, so I removed many of the dates. The little dots are about a month apart instead of a week apart. I also added a goal weight, so the chart has a larger range. It looks less like a roller coaster now, but it still gives me what I want.

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Orc ~ Level 4 ~ Michaela's Profile

1 • 2 • 3 • 4 • 5 • 6 • 7

Strength 8 • Dexterity 3 • Stamina 4 • Constitution 7 • Wisdom 3 • Charisma 3

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World of Terra

To help me keep track of Michaela's world. For now, I'm going to list the places she has been to. Later, I'll list everything, but only describe the places she has visited.

In alphabetical order...

Gul - Michaela's orc village.

Gul Forest - Orc forest. Place of Gul and Waruk.

Secret Prison - The dungeon Michaela was taken to.

Three Land Crossing - A large trading center.

Waruk - Gul's (orc) mother city. Mysteriously destroyed.

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Orc ~ Level 4 ~ Michaela's Profile

1 • 2 • 3 • 4 • 5 • 6 • 7

Strength 8 • Dexterity 3 • Stamina 4 • Constitution 7 • Wisdom 3 • Charisma 3

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Wow, just happened to run across your logs while browsing.  I LOVE how you've laid them out, and after reading the first one, I feel vested in Michaela's success.


Keep up the awesome work.

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Lvl 4 Mystical Taoist Priest

"All teachings are mere references. The true experience is living your own life. Then, even the holiest of words are only words." - Ming-Dao Deng

Challenge #1 2 3 4

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As noted above, her adventure starts in An Isolated Orc Village. I'm going to try to keep her timeline in the main post, since it's simple enough, with the details being in the quest threads.


The adventure will continue Leaving the Orc Forest. She's headed northeast, and that's about all I know for now. Her homing drake hasn't even hatched yet.

Orc ~ Level 4 ~ Michaela's Profile

1 • 2 • 3 • 4 • 5 • 6 • 7

Strength 8 • Dexterity 3 • Stamina 4 • Constitution 7 • Wisdom 3 • Charisma 3

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On 5/15/2017 at 0:00 PM, Bouncer the Resilient said:

Ended up reading all your challenges, they were all enjoyable. Can't wait to see if you continue on with your journey, and thanks for sharing because it has helped me brainstorm how to structure my own goals into a RP story. 


Thanks. I had a cough for a while, then just had to get on on the forums. I have to update here as well. I look forward to seeing your story, if you haven't done it already. 

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Orc ~ Level 4 ~ Michaela's Profile

1 • 2 • 3 • 4 • 5 • 6 • 7

Strength 8 • Dexterity 3 • Stamina 4 • Constitution 7 • Wisdom 3 • Charisma 3

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Still here. I just haven't updated this thread lately. 


 I have finished Orc Flight and An Orc's Drake. Now I have started The Orc and the Dragon.


My computer decided to up and die on me, so I can't make any more character cards for now. I will use this thread to make an app keep small character biographies. 

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Orc ~ Level 4 ~ Michaela's Profile

1 • 2 • 3 • 4 • 5 • 6 • 7

Strength 8 • Dexterity 3 • Stamina 4 • Constitution 7 • Wisdom 3 • Charisma 3

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Rojeon "Roj" Mathghamhain Burke


Species: Wood Elf

Age: Adult

Gender: Male

Occupation: Hunter/Guard/Trainer

Home: Gul



Age Appearance: Late 30's / Early 40's

Hair: Black, partly shaven, long, kept back

Eye Color: Brown

Skin Tone: Peach, tattooed

Height: 6'6"

Build: Lean, Muscular

Identifying Mark(s):

-- Tattoos on his face, shoulders, upper arms, chest, back, and legs.

Accent: The same as an orc's, having lived with them so long.

Scent: Forest and Earth

Details: Against other elves he would stand out quickly. While he has the typical tall and thin build, he is more muscular and tattooed. He can appear intimidating, usually having a serious expression on his face. Roj holds himself with confidence and a commanding presence.



• Loyal, Confident, Friendly, Caring, Generous

• He will lead if needed, but he's just as happy following orders.

• He took a huge interest in orc culture.



• He keeps in regular contact with his parents, brother, niece, and cousins.

• He now trains many orcs the old traditions they long forgot. Michaela was one of his best students before she was sent out into the world.



• Hand-to-hand Combat

• Ranged Combat

• Multilingual



• Excellent sight, especially distances.

• Good hearing.



• Iron Allergy

• Wood Elf ears are shorter than other elf races. Other elves can hear from longer distances, and are better at identifying sounds and locations.



• Flying



• Born

• Became an adult in his late 30's.*

• Left home to see the world.

• Traveled for decades.

• Settled in Gul.


Elves grow up at half the speed as humans, and they are typically considered adults in their 30s. Soon after, their aging slows down, and it continues to do so until they simply stop aging. 


Orc ~ Level 4 ~ Michaela's Profile

1 • 2 • 3 • 4 • 5 • 6 • 7

Strength 8 • Dexterity 3 • Stamina 4 • Constitution 7 • Wisdom 3 • Charisma 3

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