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Fitness Tracker Watch Recommendations?


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I currently have a FitBit One.  I've had it for several years and generally been happy with it.  It now seems like it might be having battery issues, and I am considering upgrading to one of the fancy new watch-style trackers.


Since I've generally been pleased with Fitbit, and I have several years of data with them, I'd be inclined to stick with them.  However, all of their watch models have nickel in the clasps, and I am allergic to nickel.


So, I am hoping to get some recommendations for good trackers.


Here is my list of requirements:

Must be a watch (i.e., tell me the time on my wrist).

Must track steps reasonably accurately.

No nickel!

Can't be too big, as I have small wrists.

Must sync with Android phones.


Strong wants:


Smart-watch functions

sleep tracking

Compatibility with SparkPeople

Purple.  Or a subdued color if purple is not available.


Take it or leave it:

heart rate monitoring


I really like the look of the Misfit Shine 2, but that seems to have some severe issues at the moment with the tracker falling out of the band.


The Garmin Vivosmart/Vivosmart HR look nice too, and are also high on my list.  I'm a bit afraid the HR will be a bit big for my wrist, but the non-HR version seems to have some issues with the screen going out. :/


Obviously I'm most interested in the ones I mentioned by name here, but I am open to any suggestions that meet my requirements.


Thanks in advance for any replies!



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I recently lost my FitBit One and swapped to a FitBit Charge. So far, I'm really liking it. It does everything my One did, plus it tracks my sleep time (Automatically!). As to the nickel, Amazon has these silicone bands that help keep the catch closed and would cover the metal. 

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You could check out the new Garmin Vivosmart HR. Seems pretty decent. I'll probably get it when it comes out in my country cause of the boatloads of functions it has over the fitbit charge hr.



EDIT: oooh whoops didn't see that you mentioned it at the last part of your post. But yeah I think the vivosmart hr looks promising!

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I ended up going with the Misfit Shine 2.  The Vivosmart HR was WAY too big for my wrist.  I had a very hard time deciding between the "plain" Vivosmart and the Shine 2, since there seemed to be an equal number of pros and cons to each.  No issues with the tracker falling out of the band for me (yet?).  It gives me more steps than my One did, but from what I understand, that's an issue with all wrist-based trackers.  There's a few things with the software I wish were better, but so far I really like it.  It's fairly simple, but it looks cool, seems to work well, and I am a much bigger fan of having it on my wrist vs my waistband than I expected to be.

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I was just rifling around looking for a new distance monitor myself (I'm having issues with my phone's GPS snarfing up my distances) and  I wanted to preserve my data. 


It looks like FitBit can synch to MapMyFitness so you might be able to do a data dump and then open yourself up for everything on this list.  I've done about two seconds of reading on this, so what I'm saying might be totally impossible.

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Check out Kick! too.  You unlock gear with your progress on Strava.

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I have the Nabu Razor and love it... I unfortunately dropped a backup battery on it and destroyed the screen. But its a Razor product and there customer service has always been great and still is. I will be shipping mine back tonight for a new one.

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If the silicone bands help, I can speak from personal experience I like the Fitbit Charge HR! I've been using it for a while now, and with the occational functionality updates over this past year or so its been keeping a great addition to my life. A great update, almost feeling like a present each time I get them. Its also easy to clean, with the silcone band! Thats a pro for me too.


 (I also gotten the scare by Fitbit, but have to say I don't entire trust its measurement on fat)

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I have a One and a Charge HR. I've found the the HR is wildly inaccurate for me and am going back to my One. I am intrigued by the Polar A360, but I think they're coming out with something newer late summer.

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I have had the Fitbit One for almost 3 years now and my One is starting to have battery issues as well, used to charge once every 7-10 days, now it is almost every 3-4 days.  Had good experience with Fitbit so I am thinking about the Charge HR.  I have not pulled the trigger yet but leaning pretty hard in that direction.

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