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How long do sugar crashes last?


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I'm assuming what I'm feeling is a massive sugar crash, though I don't exactly know what to attribute it to yet.


- Tired/groggy

- Unfocused

- Little energy (my limbs feel heavy)

- stomach ache

The only things I can think to blame are the 2 clementines I ate yesterday morning and the veggie chips last night which I discovered have dextrose (and are made with canola oil - not sure if that matters to paleo since it's mainly rapeseed oil). I definitely felt the sugar crash from the clementines yesterday. I got cravings for sugar/carbs, restless legs, achy muscles, etc.

What I've eaten today:

Breakfast - 3 eggs, 2 strips bacon, salsa, dash of Worcestershire

Snack - Intending to snack on some veggies I prepared, I ate a couple grape tomatoes, a few slices cucumber, two pieces of red bell pepper but was almost immediately turned off and didn't want the veggies at all so I put them away. Had an upset stomach and thought eating something would help, so I grabbed my lunch (leftover spaghetti squash with meat sauce) and ate that. Seemed to help a tad.

Can a sugar crash last into the next day? I had the veggie chips at least a few hours before going to bed. Could it be a cold coming on? I need to know why I feel like crap!

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Two clementines and some chips aren't very many carbs. Are you new to low carb? Since the spaghetti squash helped, I'd guess your body is rebelling against low carb. Hopefully someone with experience can tell you how long that lasts. Or it's the flu.

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Sugar crashes tend to come on rapidly. Personally mine make me severely dizzy, my behavior is erratic and all I want to do is sleep. (Mine are extreme however). Usually a piece of hard candy or a glass of oj fixes that. Sometimes when your stomach turns like that, its too much stomach acid and you have to eat. I agree with the guys, sounds like a cold.

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Thank you everyone for chiming in, I appreciate it! I actually ended up going home early yesterday since I started feeling worse. It must be my body fighting off a cold. I am rather new to low carb, started transitioning to Paleo in early-mid December, and am still in the midst of completing the whole 30 days. I had some extra carbs last night (vegetable chips), and actually felt energized enough to workout. Still feeling pretty tired today, but not as crappy as yesterday :)

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