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Hi from the swamps of Belgium

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Name: Bart

Age: 40

Quote: I was a nerd before nerds where cool. I still ain't.

Goal:finishing "spartacus run" 10km obstacle course in the Claypits and getting toned in the process. This has ranger written all over it.

Class: ranger

Previous achievement: finished the "dodentocht" (death-man's-hike) 100km/24h hike in 2009. I know I can get stuff done...

Bmi: 28


"start-to-run" running your first 5 km plan

In alternation with

Scooby's beginner workout plan (found Scooby's site before nerdfitness. Gonna stick with it)


Counting calories with Myfitnesspall

Superhero alter ego: the man-machine. Half man-half machine and I have the tatoo to prove it.

Soft spot: puppies

Vice: sugar and strong Belgian ale.

On this forum: to give and get support and for the lolz.

Going from 87 to 77 kg...

Next weighing-day: 17 jan

3 reps of 8 push-ups total of 24 --> 16

3 reps of 8 chin-ups total of 24 --> 4

Start-to-run lesson 1/27 --> unexpected error in module "LEFT_LEG_AND_GROIN". Error register returned code "MUSCLE_FISSURE_LEFT". Program was halted. Please wait 6 to 8 weeks for patches to install...


Male, 40y

Ultimate Goal: finishing the "Spartacus-run" obstacle course.

Alter ego: man machine

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