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Where did the year go? (Also: Treadmill Gaming Miniboss)

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I had such high hopes for being active on this forum this year... but yeah, not so much success. Still, I did get lots of things done that weren't fitness, so 2015 is not a complete fail just not quite what I was planning on.


Still, today I paid someone to come out and fix the treadmill that's been sitting dead for over a year. It cost way less than was expected which means I have the funds to rebuild my treadmill gaming computer setup and, well, tread! (I spent three years playing WoW and walking 3mph, so I know I can do it again.) I've just got to face down the miniboss of buying all the parts and assembling things. And playing and tweaking and playing and tweaking, ad nauseam.


So yeah, this isn't really an immediate respawn, since it will take a bit to get everything reassembled, but a reading-and-planning-and-forum-lurking respawn-- which counts for something, right? *sets forums as her new homepage*


I was going to wait until I was 100% ready, but I figure phooey on waiting, might as well keep this enthusiasm going even if it's just talking about it! ;)





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Learning the art of Failing Upwards... (or: Moving Mountains with Teaspoons!)

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