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Calling All Rebels (A New Exploration Quest For All)

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Recently a new app came out called "Land Sliders."  


As you slide around in Land Sliders, occasionally you'll come across a strange stone block with three lines of text on it and a tiny red symbol. The tiny symbol is the same one that can also found on the ground in much larger form, and it seems the coordinates and this larger version of the symbol may be related somehow. The lines of text on the block include a hint on top (or sometimes a series of question marks), followed by two coordinates. 



A few players have stumbled across various set of coordinates in the game that lead to actual places irl. A group has been kind enough to input the found coordinates here. So far only two have been found, one of them posting some lovely pictures of their cache on some forums


the little symbol on the coordinate blocks in the game also has a large version, which when stood on brings up a keypad-type window that says "Restricted" with 9 symbol keys on it. 


It seems like the "Restricted" puzzle and the coordinates have to be linked somehow, but what's it all about? What does it all MEAN? What other weird secrets are waiting for us in Land Sliders? If you're interested in helping the cause, check out the coordinates linked above to see if there are any near you or a fellow rebel so we can hunt down these caches, and let's crack this nut together!

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