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Just another rebel leaving base camp...

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<< So, here I am. The dope in the hat!


Where is 'here' and who am 'I' are the 2 questions I assume you are asking right now? The latter of the two is easier to answer, so I will begin there. I am Mitch, 23 years of age, 131kgs (288lbs to those folk using the Imperial system), 188cms (6 foot 2 inches roughly), married to my amazing wife and definitely not happy with where I am, not to be mistaken for where 'we' are ;) . This leads me to the first question, where is 'here'? 'Here' is somewhere I do not want to be, so I am taking my first steps away from 'here' and I am moving towards 'there'.


'There' is a healthy me. A stronger me. A me that I am happy with and one that I am not ashamed to be. It is also somewhere I will need help in getting to and I have heard nothing but amazing things about my potential party and people that I will meet along the way (which is you by the way!).


What I do when i'm not trawling through NF and other related content:

- DM in my second DnD campaign (maybe you got that vibe already?), although I am a seasoned player.

- Play way too many video games on all platforms (Xbox One, PS4 and PC)

- Read all the comics and books, with my favourite genres being Fantasy and Sci-Fi... duh!

- Collect and paint a variety of miniatures

- Linux System Administrator by day

- Follow the Pirates (MLB), Colts (NFL), Crimson Tide (CFB) and Lakers (NBA)


I believe that sums me up! I can't wait to jump 'Feet first into hell' (Halo reference) and get into it!



Starting at Level 1 and stumbling my way forward! | Battle Log | 4 Week Challenge

Starting Weight - 131KGs (288lbs)   |   Current Weight - 131KGs (288lbs)   |   Goal Weight - 110KGs (242lbs)   |   Week 0

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Welcome to the rebellion!


It sounds like you know what you want, but you don't necessarily have a plan. I would suggest working on the food front first (alliteration FTW!). For exercise, experiment with what you like and see where it leads you!


Good luck! Keep us posted!

Current form: Chubby House Cat (lvl4)

Weight objective: 20%

S. 4 P. 6 E. 4 C. 7 I. 8 A. 4 L. 5

Battle log

Current Challenge

Handy linky.

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