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Pilates and Weight Training Without Rest Day


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Hi everyone! I have plateaued and I need help changing my workout routine.  I currently do soccer once a week, cycling twice a week, and barre and yoga once a week. I want to substitute pilates for barre and add weight training into my routine but I have some questions.


1. Can I do pilates on Monday and weight training on Tuesday? I know your muscles need a rest between strength days but I thought that this might call for an exception as pilates works your muscles differently from traditional weight training.


2. [more specific] Can I do pilates on Monday and a metabolic conditioning class on Tuesday? The description of this class is: "This class centers on high intensity interval training and includes a mix of cardio, balance, coordination, core, strength, and sports condition exercises."


Thank you!

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Pilates hit a lot of places, but I think they mostly run train on your core.  I think you can do them one day and other strength training the next, but on that strength day there's probably no need to directly hit your abs again (so, no need to do planks on Tuesday if you did pilates on Monday).  Maybe when you start pilates you'll feel some burn in your shoulders/legs/other muscles, but I'd imagine after a relatively short time those areas will have plateaued in how they can develop from pilates.  That'll make it even easier to further train them on strength days.


You can probably do pilates and the metabolic conditioning class back to back as well, unless you feel the two share a lot of core exercises that make your stomach feel crappy.


Really, over training isn't something that happens over night.  Best thing to do is try some stuff and listen to how you feel.  Maybe initially it'll be hard to do everything back to back, but if you go slow then it might not be so bad.  Then the question becomes whether or not so many different workouts are necessary in the first place!

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Thank you!

And I have a classpass membership which allows me to take three classes per month at any participating studio in DC. I've found that I actually enjoy working out when I take classes but I haven't figured out my ideal schedule yet! so that's currently why I'm doing so many different things :)

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