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Korranation's Epic Quest of Something or Other

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Greetings fellow rebels! 
This is Korranation signing on for another challenge. 
I know it's the new year, and the first challenge of the year, but I'm not gonna get in the hype of resolutions. Although... hypothetically speaking if I were to make a resolution it would be to take my dog for a walk everyday. Goodness knows we both need it. 
For those of you who don't know me here's a lil background:
I'm a college student living at home with the folks. I live with my dad (The Fatherlord), sis (mini me), stepmother (Maleficent) and stepsister (Lilith). I've switched majors a few times and finally decided to settle with multidisciplinary studies since it's more diverse and rounded than most degrees. A lot has happened during my time at college. I've gotten in a car accident that put me behind a year, my grandmother passes away last year and I've been taking care of my grandpa (Iroh) since then. A few months ago I got a job and that's helped me manage my time better.  Still dealing balancing school, work, and family has caused me to put healthy choices (like good food and exercise) on the back burner. 
My main quest is to lose 50 pounds before next year or lose x amount of inches so I can steal borrow my mini me's clothes. I've got some good motivation pulling me on this challenge. I'm hoping to have more energy, get outside more, give my family a healthier life (cooking and having them cook), and one day looking in the mirror with pride (and admiring a six pack instead of a muffin top).

Goal 1 Cooking with Asami (+3 CON)

CHALLENGE: cook dinner x5 per week at home 

CHALLENGE: bring home cooked lunches to work  

STAT: 3 (A=3, B=2, C=1)


Goal 2 Walking with Naga (+3 STA)

CHALLENGE: walk the doge x5 per week

STAT: 3 (A=3, B=2, C=1)


Goal 3 Traveling with Spirits (+3 CON)


CHALLENGE: go hiking at least once per week (or on day off)

STAT: 3 (A=3, B=2, C=1)


Side Quest Avatar Level Up (+3 WIS, +3 CHA)

CHALLENGE: get a newer job

CHALLENGE: find four geocaches

STAT: 3 (A=3, B=2, C=1)


[Edit]: for the life goal the first challenge is to find a better reliable job so I can have more consistent hours, have more income to pay off student loans or at the very least save up so I can move out after graduation, and have small benefits like dental. The second life goal is more for fun.

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Well played, Korra.  I like your goals.  This is going to be great. 

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Cooking goals kick a$$ :) I'm definitely not the homemaker type (when I'm feeling 100% you couldn't pay me to stay in a house) but I do love cooking so good on ya!

I've learned to be the home maker type. Growing up, an extra pair of hands at home meant less work for the folks.

I'm looking forward to cooking more. Even if the fam is too busy or our schedules don't match I'll still be working my magic in the kitchen.


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I love the images in your post!  Good luck!

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Weight Loss Progress (SW 12/5/15 272)

Mini-Goal: Get back down to my low 152.2 - SW 6/1/17 170.4 - CW 6/10/17: 166.6

regained the last few months - back on track losing in June


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Pancake faces for the win!




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Day 0


Just one more night and a day before things kick into full gear. I should be prepping more. Preparing for battle stations and whatnot. That's on my verrry long to do list. On a side note another long term goal I'd love to make a habit of is to finish my to do list quicker as well as finish a simple task quickly without getting side tracked. But I digress. 


It was a day like any other... 

Well, other than the fact that Lilith had a last minute sleepover and the hysterical laughing ushering from her and the accomplice made it hard to get any sleep. They were hiding treats in their shirts and having the doge tickle them with his mustache and walk all over them with him tiny toothpick legs in his wistful attempts at obtaining his prize of meaty treaty nummies. 


I went to work on six hours of sleep. I was so tired and lazy to deal with a messy room I had that I couldn't find my house keys and instead snuck out the backdoor like the renegade I truly am. It was raining. And I forgot an umbrella. I had enough time for some breakfast tacos and a quick read of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Thanks to the weather there were not many people in the store. This was perfect time for restocking. And I did so like the BAMF I also am. In fact I'm so good at it that I got a recognition card from the managers about it.  In my head it's a sad tactic that corporate is using to appease the millennial generation since they think millennials need constant affirmation. We don't. We just like to know when we did wrong and how we can do better in the future. It's called feedback. In hindsight the cards could do that if worded properly instead of saying something like 'thanks for being our top seller for that holiday donation drive.'  (I think I'm rambling again. I honestly have no idea since I'm literally typing whatever comes to mind. this is unedited from the ingenious mind that is yours truly. I need to cut back on the caffeine... or maybe its an exercise high. either way I want more.)


After work I got ready for a basketball game with Iroh. It was a little nerve wracking driving there. In the rain. Without the sun. Through the heat of traffic. Surrounded by sports crazed fans on the brink of road rage. (them not me) But I digress again. Once we parked, walked through the cold unforgiving rain, and settled ourselves in our seats, the fun began. It was an amazing game. The first two quarters were so stressful since it was a two point game. But then we swept the opposing team during a home game like we always do. Shame the bb game was over shadowed by the college bowl across the street. Calm down ppl... they only went into triple over time. At least Iroh has a lot of good footage to look forward to tomorrow. 


I may or may not have been on the forums (and doodlies chat) while at the game. And may or may not have stumbled across some juicy accountabilibudy groups. I know my limit. One group is more than enough. On the other hand... the zombie run looked fun and the compromise of the dungeon run looked promising. I downloaded the app and gave it a go. I soared through the tutorial like the champ I am (I'm a lot of things like any three dimensional individual. and am justified in giving myself an obscene amount of labels.) I was doing good until I got to the burpee portion. I don't know what unholy thing created the torturous pose that is a burpee. I would personally like to beat them back from whence they came, then force them to become my co-conspirator in creating more excruciating concepts. preferably ones in books that make great drama for plot. But that's my inner thespian/writer talking... which I also am. 


I got so upset in the concept that is a burpee that I went to the kitchen, ate three pieces of pizza, got pissed that I ate so much, learned the burpee, completed the dungeon level, and proceeded to reward myself with a brownie and some forgotten webcomic smut that I've neglected to read. Spoiler alert. It was good smut. I now feel weak in the calves for some reason. But it's the same feeling of lethargy that occurs after some copious amounts of booze drinkage. I'll chalk it up to dehydration or something. 


Here's to hoping for a structured challenge. I'll start building said strong foundation for a even stronger structure that shall be my empire.

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I've found that trying to jugging the schoolwork with everything else was the biggest issue that I've had to deal with.  When I switched focus to school, I ended up neglecting everything else for way too long.  This winter break, I'm trying to get my sh!t together.  Good to see you back. :)

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I've found that trying to jugging the schoolwork with everything else was the biggest issue that I've had to deal with.  When I switched focus to school, I ended up neglecting everything else for way too long.  This winter break, I'm trying to get my sh!t together.  Good to see you back. :)

School work always messes up a healthy regimin. I think the education system gives subliminal messages to not be healthy. Maybe the books are laced with something. That's why I've gone digital. 


Still picking up my shit over here. Seems like everyone's in the same boat here on NF. We could launch an impressive armada with the number of rebels with this getting-together-of-the-shit ordeal. 


Good to be back. 


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Add another boat to the getting-shit-together armada. May we all have success in our challenges, and get our collective excrement wrangled!

Welcome aboard the SS Getting-Shit-Done crew. 

We use to wrangle cats, but that got old quick. 


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Day Double o Zero


I tried to make the title into a James Bond reference but it sounds more like this in my head.



It was one of those get up, go straight to work, work over time, go home and drink it off. That's how normal people do the adulting, right? That answer is yes. Betty White is also an acceptable answer (I think I made a reference to a radio station game thingy but I'm not quite sure) My calves and core are killing me for some reason. It might have been the three plus hours of restocking items in the lower portion of the grids and having to do proper squats while maintaining balance. But I'm throwing darts in the dark here. I like to throw a lot of things. Especially shade. Who doesn't? 


Also, I'm living my last night before the challenge by drinking straight out of the rumchata bottle. This is the an excellent idea that will definitely benefit me in the morning when it comes time to do my portion of strength training PvP followed by hiking. In hindsight I'm putting too much on my platter and should save hiking for the day after. I'll spend my time instead prepping in the kitchen. Since I've got the next five days off (thanks to managers last minute rescheduling of the cashiers) I can spend it on more meaningful things. Like doing anything other than being productive.... I kid. I'll try to finish taking notes on books about creative writing that I have taking up space in my room, binge watch archer in peace since school is starting up for Lilith and the folks both work, etc. O and walking the dog. I can do that instead of hiking for plus five miles like a crazy person. I still look forward to the day I can rejoin that one group I found on meetup.com who goes hiking at this one park going 4mph up a steep incline for 10 miles. If I make it out of this challenge alive I'll join the next event they have. And if I survive the challenge after this one I'll join one of the writing guilds as well. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Gotta focus on the tasks at hand. Like a to do list. 

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Welcome back Korra!


Can't wait to see how this challenge works for you - keep on keeping on!

Good to be back!
I can't wait to see how this challenge works out too.



Nice to see a fellow stalker



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DAY 01 && 02


Only day two and I'm already falling behind on posting. Well life happens. I could always pull up tapatalk and ask siri to turn talk to text and see what monstrosity of a post that would be. Don't want those grammar nazi internet cats coming after me again. 



Yesterday I was gonna work out. I had my gear on and everything. Only problem. Management called and asked me to work late. Last minute to boot. Who would pass up a chance for more monies? Not I. I only had enough time to freshen up, run to the grocery store for dinner goods, left them with the sis for prep, and dashed away to work... where I spent the whole time restocking, lifting heavy things, and getting showered in kissed by random dogs that would talk by with their owners. I was really sore after that. I wish that would count as a few points in the pvp challenge. But since I wasn't unboxing and (literally) punching boxing/folding up cardboard boxes it wouldn't be fair to count it. 


don't ask me where I found this image. 

Spoiler alert: the internet


Today I got my workout done. Like a boss. I even inspired the sis and fatherlord to pick up the torch in being healthy. We're going hiking in the morning and I'm so excited to use my new camel pack for what it's meant for. Rather than sitting at a desk with it on, like a nerd, and hydrating myself.

I even did some adulting today. I ran to the sports store to get the fatherlord a proper wizard stick for the 

modor hike, took down all the holiday decorations, deposited my work checks, packaged and mailed a bunch of books to strangers from a website called paper back swap. All I have to do for that last task is wait two to three weeks for the books to reach their destination to I can receive my 'free' swap credit. I have over 600 books on goodreads for my to read list and plus 50 on my shelf that I've been hording so I don't know where to start. This will be an interesting adventure.


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Yay for extra money!


Yay for family workout time!


Yay for that book exchange (seriously that sounds really cool!)


Sounds like an awesome day.

Finally found my adult switch today 


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