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Thist tries out being a Ranger

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Life Challenge:  Budget


So I've set up my budget!


I'm giving myself permission to add a few things as they come up and not consider them as "spending outside of my budget".  Things like a dentist appointment I have next week that I forgot about, school books etc.  This is my first budget in over 6 months and I forgot about some of my spending habits so I'm giving myself a break.  


That being said I am still counting some things as going outside of my budget.  I went out to lunch today and I spent WAY more than should have so that will be considered outside of my budget.  


This is probably going to be a very difficult challenge for me because it's my first time paying attention in quite some time, but I think that's ok.  

I started doing a budget in August/September, and it took a couple-three months to really get a good average figured out for each category. Once I had tracked my spending for a while I adjusted some things so that it actually worked for me :) 

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Thanks guys! I know that budgeting is going to be one of my hardest challenges, but I think it's super important. That's why I'm giving myself the pass in a few things. I'd rather bend the rules and create the habit than be a stickler and get discouraged.

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Just chiming in to cheer you on. If a sleep mask is too bothersome you could try blackout drapes for your window(s). Best sleep I ever had was in a room with no windows.


Budgeting is extremely helpful and anything to get you in the habit and continuing it is important. My gran taught us really young to budget which is something I am thankful now in my ripe old age of 24 (lol). 


Good job! -waves pompoms-

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So I priced out archery lessons at my local range.  It looks like they're $35/30 min including equipment (which is way less than I thought it was going to be!).  I need to look up how much a north face jacket will cost me and I'm going to budget for these as though I'm going to get a 4.0.  If I don't then any extra $$ will be put into my savings.  SUCH EXCITE!!!



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