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GillyNomad Brushes Up On Her Cardio


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So I think it's safe to say that the last challenge of the year was awful...in fact worse than awful. I don't think I even got through the first week! But this is a new year and a new challenge so I'll learn from what went wrong and try and work on succeeding this time round. 


One of the main reasons things went so wrong over the past couple of months is because of work. It got busy fast. There's not much I can really do about that however I can change my routine a little to ensure that no matter what happens at work I still get my exercise in and I eat well.


On the plus side all my hard work did land me a promotion and I am well on the way to saving for a deposit. So that's a plus!


Anyway to the challenge!


This year I want my focus for the first six months to be on getting fit...for rugby. At the moment when I am on the pitch I am slow, I am tired and I'm out of breath. That's not great if you play rugby.


So I have two fitness 'goals' for January:

  1. Run 10-20minutes, 6 out of 7 days every week this month (22/26)
  2. Do three exercises to stretch my back every night before bed (26/26)

I will run as soon as I wake up...normally I end up spending 45 minutes in bed once I've woken up doing nothing productive. It's a waste of time that can be used better. Running every day bar one a week may seem a little extreme...but I am really not fit so I'm not talking miles and miles. I can at the moment only manage about 15 minutes of walking and running which is around 1.8km. My run is more like a slow jog. The point of this goal is just to work my cardio back to something reasonable. The better cardio system I have, the longer I can last and be effective on the field. 


I sit at a desk all day at work...roughly 6-7 hours. The three exercises will hopefully re-align some things and help me start to become less injury prone. 


For my life 'goal'

  1. Publish a blog article every day of challenge (26/26)

I've recently started using my blog (which up until late last month was just sitting there being paid for but not being used.) and the plan is to use this blog as a way for me to track everything. So I feature stuff on my fitness, experiences, stuff I'm studying, my story-writing and anything else I want to write about.


Link is my sig but it can also be found here: LifeOfGilly - I'll probably be posting there more than here because of this goal...


I'm looking forward to the shorter challenges, I think I'll be better at them. Plus really looking forward to the whole character creation and quest thing!!

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Hello! I too will be focusing on cardio and stretching for this year/challenge/etc. One thing that has helped me immensely at work is setting a reminder to go off every hour (I use a program called Stickies, but Outlook or any other program that pops up in the middle of your screen will do) to get up and stretch. Sometimes it's just a basic stand up and stretch out before getting back to it if I'm super busy, but most times it's actually get up, move the chair, and do multiple stretches. I have found this to improve not only flexibility, but also mental focus. Just a thought. Good luck!

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Did my exercises last night - back is quite tight. Also noticed since I've started running my shoulders are getting quite right too.

Completed my run for this morning. I just can't seem to get past about 1.7km due to stomach pain. It's frustrating as hell.

I took my pump with me today and I managed to run an entire Km without stopping so that was an improvement - even though I didn't finish that well.


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Run this morning went pretty well. I think I figured out why I'm getting stomach cramps. Possibly due to dehydration.

I drank some water about 20 minutes before leaving today and that seemed to have quite a big effect. (Normally I just get up and run). So need to make sure I drink before running in the morning.

I had rugby training yesterday (which is probably what my blog post will be about) and it was all fitness related. It wasn't too bad even though it was circuit training in the rain.

Proof of today's run:


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Today was my day off my running. It felt a little weird to not be up at the break of dawn, outside running in the cold. 


I'm hoping it won't affect me to much in terms of keeping myself motivated to get back out there...because my bed is super comfy at 6am in the morning.


Blog Post for today: Picture Taking is fun


I almost didn't post today...I couldn't think of a topic and ultimately decided to write a little about my photos and the Gallery I have on my blog. It's short and to the point.

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Run today was even better than yesterday!

I managed to run a little further and apparently a little faster too.

I know I'll level out at some point and have slower runs but I still feel good about it.

I'm thinking of using my weekend's to try and run longer distances and my morning week day runs to run smaller but faster distances. We shall see...


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I got out of bed this morning and something didn't feel right.

I decided I was still going to go for a run even if my head was pounding.

Turns out it was pounding for a reason. I'm not very well. However I didn't do a long run - only 1km and it was fast. I was only outside for about 6 minutes.

Kinda sucks to feel this way after doing so well last week but I think my body has caught up with the stress and frustration at work and is making me slow down.

Looks like tomorrow is my day off rather than Friday this week.


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