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skin'N'bones goes Tank Style


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Thanks to a phrase coined by D_R, I'm copying Tanktimus on this challenge.  More of the same, just keep plugging away at what works.  I've struggled a bit with consistency the last couple of challenges, but I have established that I am able to fit in a 30 minute workout a couple of times a week and have seen modest results this way.


So :

  • 10 strength workouts over the 4 weeks : I'm abandoning the random aspect of deck of pain, but will keep the continuous circuit to get through the workouts in the 30 minutes allotted.
  • 4 Juarez Valley workouts : These 200 Burpee workouts really killed me but were a great way to improve my conditioning.
  • Basketball will of course continue, but I don't need to award myself for that - it's fun on it's own.
  • Weight Gain : I have lost over a kilo just in the fortnight of not counting my numbers over the festive period. So will go back to counting.


I may flesh this out a bit more, but maybe not ...

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Reserved for scoring.

+3 STR for 10 workouts, minus 1 each less than that.

+4 STA for Juarez Valley (1 point each)

+ 2 DEX for Basketball (half each)

+ 2 DEX for doing some stretching

+ 1 CON For each gained kilo (basically for tracking successfully)

I make that 12 so maybe I'll give bonus points in whichever category I feel happiest about, maybe some CHA if I actually keep my thread updated all 4 weeks.

Tracking :

6 BW

2 jv

3 bb

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Also following!

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No better person then to strive for consistency then our very own Ranger Chaplain, Tanktimus :)

Awesome stuff SkinNBones!


"Let the Broomstick do the talking."

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I'm only here for the progress bars.  ;)


Just kidding.  I'll be following along the whole time.

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"I knew he was bluffing"

I meant the ending tag line that you always add

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I (sort of) did Juarez Valley today. Was meant to be yesterday, but I was feeling lazy.

My conditioning has really dropped over the festive period. I really struggled with this today, about half of them probably didn't really count as burpees.

"I knew he was bluffing"

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Oh it gets better, I then stayed up all night working. We did a release and the deployment program didn't work and then part of the system hadn't been tested so we did a partial rollback and now today I'm going to have to write a script to clean up the mess :s

"I knew he was bluffing"

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