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skin'N'bones goes Tank Style


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This week hasn't been a huge success I'm afraid. Since basketball on Wednesday I haven't done any exercise. The stretches I had been doing must have been really helping as now my back and legs are beginning to bother me again.

It was finally confirmed on Wednesday that the baby we're expecting (no 3) has achondroplasia. They're pretty confident that it will be fine just have short long bones and we will need to keep an eye out for a few other potential complications as it grows up. Anyway, that's been a bit of a distraction reading all about it and Mrs bones has just been struggling with tiredness in general anyway so this is where my time is going.

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This is definitely an appropriate place to share that kind of news.  Congratulations, and please feel free to talk about anything that's on your mind.

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Congratulations on bub number 3. Sorry to hear about the complications. What the others said, this is your thread and you can share as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. We will be here for you no matter what.

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Thanks again for everyone on here.

We're ok, just have new things to learn. The little one should be fine, but we need to sort of learn how to be their advocate.

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It will be an experience, but nothing that happens will make you and Mrs. Bones love your 3rd baby any less! The 3rd one is the easiest lol...at least for us it was. Orin is so super chill its ridiculous. I'll keep you guys in my prayers, Skin!


Maybe something to take your mind off the distracting news with baby #3...day dream about how your gonna teach them a jumpshot and playing basketball with them :)


Also, I heard you and Rurik and a few other folks mention Trollhunter and I've never seen it but have seen the movie on Netflix. I'm gonna it this week, but I'm excited with all the reviews from you guys!



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Hi wolf.

Yes definitely give Trollhunter a go, I'll try not to say anything to ruin it for you. It's played completely straight, but it's got some real gems in there.

Thanks for your support too. I hope the 3rd one is the easiest as our second child is unbelievably stubborn, she can be a real challenge.

"Now we know that Trolls also explode."

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Workouts are great to clear your mind and get you grounded. :)  Yay you for soldiering on!


Congrats on #3, that definitely looks like a new challenge!  (I have no babies and have no plans to, so I'm woefully uneducated on such things, but I am good with the motivating support SO) 


You guys will all do it, together!  (And we'll be here to help if you need to vent/destress~)



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First of all congrats on the baby on the way, sorry to hear the news about the complication. Hopefully the workout took your mind of of it for a moment. During both our pregnancies we had to be closely monitored because of problems that could arise with blood of the little ones going hostile. In the end nothing happened, but i know the struggle of getting into "what is this problem we're facing". It can be extremely exhausting. I don't know how hard the information is on the complication but hopefully everything will be clear so you can make solid decisions and prepare in the right way.

Good to see you get back to "normal" life.

Wishing you and your significant other all the best of luck with this pregnancy!

And i think it's just part of being the second, our girl can be so G@|) D@(\/)(\) stubborn... She's definitely one of mine ;)

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... a little odd in the head ...

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This week was pretty much a washout. I made it to basketball which was fun, and I'm glad that I've managed to make that a priority now - get some me time each week.

I'm just out of the scoring zone for bodyweight but +2 STA for Juarez Valley, +2 DEX for Basketball , and weight is pretty much flat at just under 74 kg, but I'm still doing ok with my eating.

So no level up this time, but I'm still building muscle (slowly) and still keeping up with the younger guys at basketball, so I'm going to stick with challenges for tea good ol' NF community and accountability.

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Post a link here so we can easily picky it up again for some accountability!

New challenge link is up!

' class='bbc_url' title='External link' rel='nofollow external'> http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/77604-SkinNBones-gets-ready-!

Apologeties for the brevity. It'll probably be Wednesday before I fill in all the details.

"Now we know that Trolls also explode."

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