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Leveling up in the Land of Morning Calm (South Korea)

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I'm creating a new topic because the previous topic was well over a year old and the owner of the thread no longer resides in South Korea. I didn't want to hijack or resurrect a zombie thread. 


I currently live in Seoul, South Korea and would love to have some friends to help me level up. Whether that's through working out, social meet-ups, or just to know who's kicking around in the ROK. I'm here for the foreseeable future (just got a new contract with my company) and should be in Seoul for quite some time now. 

If you're interested in meeting up, let me know. I'd love to know who else is around the area. :)

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Hey there! I live in Seoul too! Though am currently on vacation in Bali :) I'd love to meet up when I'm back (mid February).

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I know of two other members living in Seoul (in the Academy FB group) who aren't active on the forums. :) PM me for their names, if you want.


They're hashers, so DO check out the Seoul hashing kennels. It's pretty crazy there.

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Hey I am in Seoul right now (and only be here for the next 6 months...on a language study program)

 And I am currently in the process of repawning (post below)

The food here is great!...which is why I got fat again

temptations everywhere

...and fruits and veggies are expensive here (coming from the point of view of an Indonesian)

Any advices on which korean food are the better options? (since cooking is rather hard to do in my goshiwon)

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