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Kyellan, the Gray Sentinel: The Horns of War


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Great challenge for you! You're in control with calories and money, and you were consistent with running goals and taking care of that hand. Seemed like you made advances socially and physically by being dedicated to training and getting quality mentorship time with your Sifu.


Making it through despite the personal struggles is huge as well. I'm glad things are looking up at work and with your wife's health. I know how hard it is to have a sick loved one. Pass on our well-wishes to her. 


Thanks for the amazing story along the way! Do we get to find out what happens next? 


Thanks very much for the kind words. It was definitely a good month, and a great start to 2016, goals-wise. They say we're wired to forget the bad stuff and remember the good, and I'm okay with that. The worst parts already seem far away, but the good parts I'm happy to hold onto and be proud of.


And yes! I plan to continue the story in my next challenge! Hope you'll join me to follow along :D

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"You are what you do. Choose again, and change." - Miles Vorkosigan


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