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Meushell - Leaving the Orc Forest


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Been overweight my whole life. I seek weight loss and the health that comes with it. My character, Michaela, makes her own journey as I make mine.


Now I shall attempt to understand the new rules. Stat points gone... *Looks at signature, sad face (lol)* ...and now we have experience points.


*Mutters to self* Okay, 100XP to level up, and wasn't it a level per challenge before (only finished one challenge), and that took six weeks, so to keep on the same timing with four weeks, I'd be aiming for about 67 points per challenge.


I don't know. I'll just throw (1-25) experience points at each item and see if it makes sense and if you all think it makes sense. Lol.


Main Quest: The Adventure Continues



Years of peace have made people in the village of Gul weak. Dark rumors have caused worry, and the surrounding forest has become more dangerous. Then Waruk, the mother city of Gul, was destroyed. The people disappeared. The people of Gul need answers. Michaela and three others, Cron, Arle, and Cyrus, have been chosen to leave the forest. Each on their own, they will try to find answers for their village.


Michaela admits, in these times of peace, she has become lazy. She must gain strength and skill on her quest.


(Losing weight is my adventure. No XP here. Whatever comes off will come off.)


Quest 1: Walk, Walk, Walk...



Michaela is going to do a lot of traveling.

(Hit an average of 10,000 steps per day.


A = 10,000. Michaela has an easy time getting where she needs to go.

B = 9,000. Michaela struggles, getting to locations after dark. She gets in, but can't do anything until morning.

C = 8,000. Michaela gets locked out and has to wait until morning. No cozy bed that night.

D = Average 7,000. Michaela does not make it to her destination.

F = Average 6,000. Michaela gets completely lost.

1 XP for every 500 steps. Max 20XP.)


Quest 2: Toes are Just so Far Away



Orc's aren't well known for their flexibility, but Michaela should still stretch.


(Stretch 20 times throughout the challenge, which averages 5X per week. A max of one stretch session counts per day.


A = 20. Everything is great for Michaela.

B = 18. Tightness in her legs.

C = 16. Cramps in her legs...

D = 14. ...and arms...

F = 12. ...and now has trouble sleeping.

1 XP per session. Max 20XP.)


Quest 3: Tracking


Michaela must keep use her homing drake to keep in contact with her village.


(I will track my calories 6X per week for the first 3 weeks, and 4X for the last "week" [which is only 5 days]. Tracking only counts if I stay under my goal.


A = 22 total. Michaela keeps informed, and her drake learns the area. [15XP]

B = 19. Michaela feels homesick. [13XP]

C = 16. Homesick and her drake takes a while to get where he or she (I haven't decided the gender yet) is going. [10XP]

D = 13. Her drake gets mad at her. [5XP]

F = 10. Her drake gets completely lost and never returns. [0XP])


Level Life Quest: Health and Hygiene



For health and a great scent, Michaela needs to learn how to keep clean in the wilderness.


(Want to floss every day, but going to allow for some "whoops, forgot" days.


A = 22 total. She smells great! [10XP]

B = 19. She smells good, but it's nothing special. [8XP]

C = 16. She's not helping with that "Orcs stink" reputation. [6XP]

D = 13. People avoid her. [4XP]

F = 10. Is that...fungus? [0XP])


Real Motivation: To feel and look better. To prepare for a mud walk. I was going to do one in October (signed up for it a year earlier), but I broke my ankle before the walk.

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Orc ~ Level 4 ~ Michaela's Profile

1 • 2 • 3 • 4 • 5 • 6 • 7

Strength 8 • Dexterity 3 • Stamina 4 • Constitution 7 • Wisdom 3 • Charisma 3

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Quest 1: Step Count

Week 1 - Average Steps: 12,742

Week 2 - Average Steps: 11,630

Week 3 - Average Steps:

Week 4 - Average Steps:


Average: X/4 =

Quest 2: Stretching

Week 1 - Days Counted: 5

Week 2 - Days Counted: 6

Week 3 - Days Counted:

Week 4 - Days Counted:


Quest 3: Calories

Week 1 - Days Counted: 5

Week 2 - Days Counted: 6

Week 3 - Days Counted:

Week 4 - Days Counted:


Life Quest: Flossing

Week 1 - Days Counted: 5

Week 2 - Days Counted: 6

Week 3 - Days Counted:

Week 4 - Days Counted:


Orc ~ Level 4 ~ Michaela's Profile

1 • 2 • 3 • 4 • 5 • 6 • 7

Strength 8 • Dexterity 3 • Stamina 4 • Constitution 7 • Wisdom 3 • Charisma 3

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good luck!

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Level: 15 Race: Human Class: Adventurer (Sailor Senshi/Aes Sedai)

STR: 14    DEX: 12    STA: 16   CON: 28   WIS: 26    CHA: 15 

(unspent points: 6? challenges worth)

Weight Loss Progress (SW 12/5/15 272)

Mini-Goal: Get back down to my low 152.2 - SW 6/1/17 170.4 - CW 6/10/17: 166.6

regained the last few months - back on track losing in June


My Battle Log|My NF Character Sheet




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good luck!

Thanks! :-)

I like the map. Is that something you made or from an RPG that you are repurposing?

I created it at Donjon. They generate a map for you. Each "Random Seed" (as they call it) has a basic map design. If you keep the seed number, you can change other details. They'll even label the map for you, but I preferred to do my own labeling. I had them put the city/castle dots though. The map above is just a piece of the map. I'm haven't finished labeling the whole world yet. Here is the whole map, without the cities.

Orc ~ Level 4 ~ Michaela's Profile

1 • 2 • 3 • 4 • 5 • 6 • 7

Strength 8 • Dexterity 3 • Stamina 4 • Constitution 7 • Wisdom 3 • Charisma 3

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Don't worry, Michaela is not stuck in the forest. I've been doing the challenge, but I have not been sure what to write for her.


Been doing well. NerdFitness seems to be encouraging making each quest a level up, so I might change the XP for that. That would be the easiest way to keep track, rather than trying to figure it out each and every quest. I'll probably also keep the stats around. Those are fun. Not sure how many stat points to use though, since it is four weeks instead of six.


I'll probably go check and see what you are all doing.


Anyway, on to Michaela...


Michaela's first job was to take care of the egg. She and the other chosen adventurers were relieved from any other duty. They had to be there when the eggs hatched, and it was best if those eggs hatched in their homes.


Thankfully, it would not take long. Michaela watched over the egg for a week when she saw the first small crack. She stayed with it for the rest of the day as the little drake inside took its time. She consider various names as she waited, wondering what the little drake would look like. They came in a huge variety of colors. Finally, a purple lizard emerged.


"Amethyst," she named the drake, while offering dead insects and bits of meat. Soon, it would be able to catch its own. She picked it up, petting it, and examining it, before determining the drake was female.


The next job was training while she prepared for her journey. Amethyst had no issue finding her way, no matter where Michaela was in the town or forest. The drake was also taught to seek out the other adventurers. Michaela herself had decided to head to Three Land Crossing. It was a trading center, largely inhabited by orcs, goblins, and dwarves, but Michaela was told that she might meet about any species there.


Finally, it was time for her and others to leave, each on their own way. A party was held the night before. The real goodbyes were the next morning. Michaela had lost her mother a year ago. Now she had to say goodbye to her father, sister, and friends. She already felt homesick and afraid, but she also felt honored and excited. At least she would have Amethyst.


Her family had offered to walk her through the forest, but Michaela had declined the offer. She knew the forest well. That wasn't the scary part. She did not want to lose her family and enter the unknown on the same time.


Finally, with a backpack full of supplies, and Amethyst on her shoulder, Michaela left the town.

Orc ~ Level 4 ~ Michaela's Profile

1 • 2 • 3 • 4 • 5 • 6 • 7

Strength 8 • Dexterity 3 • Stamina 4 • Constitution 7 • Wisdom 3 • Charisma 3

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