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I'm in! and my challenges


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Love this site! Steve, you Crack me up, a Tim Ferris twin in humor, for sure 😆

Love the 11 Rules. ... especially 1, 2,5,9. "Rebellion is where the light is", for sure-all aspects of life!

#5- see youtube "The American Parasite" about sugar and it's history in our food and government control. And fake foods, ugh. But reminds me of a very encouraging Joe Cross documentary "Fat, sick, and nearly dead". So inspiring!

To be sure, there is no kick back to me for any of these people and their ideas i mentioned, just a networker at heart. I have been inspired and simply want to pass on a good thing.

I'm excited to get started on the challenge! Already found meetup groups to get walking and hiking again. Winter found me gaining back a few more pounds than I'd like but with sites like this and some other inspiring movies "Running the Edge" by Matt Trappe who ran the CO trail and broke the record, I'm pumped! Taking it in small chunks but still pumped!

Level 1 challenge:
**Swap out a sweet treat for the better fruit or veggie.

**swap out my beer or wine for water (not a soda drinker)

Fitness-complete bodyweight workout 1x a week

Level up-1 positive thing.


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Ooooh, not so terrifical😄 It snows where I make my home and that is great weather to be a couch potato and bear-like: putting on the pounds for winter 😯

BUT! that's what Mondays are for. ...starting fresh. The weather should be in the 40's, i.e. a veritable heat wave, thus giving me opportunity & motivation to put.the.beer.down. and move me arse!

I love being outside so walk the dogs it will be, which I love. Put on my audio book, "Higher Standard" by our one and only female 4 star general, Ann Dunwoody. And thank me lucky stars for Mondays ðŸ˜ðŸ˜Ž

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I should try that with my dog and see what response I get 😄

I'll check out the indoor exercises, thanks!

Mainly it was just lack of motivation. I had to get out of my Mary Tyler Moore stupor 😆 I think ive cracked it today: had some Garden of Life protein drink and went walking for 3.5 miles and it feels great to be out again.

Thanks for your encouragement!

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Welcome to NF from the Assassins!!


How has Week 2 been treating you so far?? :)


Wintertime is so tough to stay active in... I love being outside too, hiking and exploring, but when it's cold out there's no way you'll find me outside! ><  No fun at all, come on Springtime.....


How has your beer quest been going??  I love beer too, I definitely indulged a little too much over the holidays... so many tasty stouts and barleywines... trying to work that poundage off, hahaha!

Tell me, if you had the strength to take another step, could you do it?

Level ?? Bard & Monk of the Furious Heart

STR.55  DEX.43 STA.48 CON.51 WIS.53 CHA.65


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Hey Shaawry,

Thanks for asking 😉

Beer intake , so far, has been curbed but not kicked to the curb! 😄🺠Reality is to curb it not toss it out the door. Had a couple last night. Food intake was really good:black bean soup with a kajillion veggies over rice, great stuff. No dessert!

Today I meet with a new Meetup walking group and walked 45 min. To much talking and not enough walking. ....gotta just try them all ands see what/who fits what I'm looking for. Not opposed to doing my own thing so I'll keep that up.

Just logged my food and that is so helpful. I can see where I can make cut backs and lower some fat/sodium/cholesterol - my coffee creamer. Going back to half & half, which I like.

What exercise works for you these days?

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I'm glad to hear you're still going :) Keep it up, you'll get to where you want to be eventually. I'm glad the food trackers help you, I've never been fond of them.

I do my bww alone at home, no matter the weather (ha, hear me talking, I've completed the first one in 4 months yesterday ;) ) and I try to play badminton once a week, which is an indoor activity, too. But I know how hard the motivation thing can be. For me it usually takes these few seconds of uber-willpower to actually get up and get started. From then on, I just do what I do...

"The way you spend your days is the way you live your life"

Challenges: Current | 9 | 8 | 7 | 6 | 5 | 4 | 3 | 2 | 1

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Logging food is SUPER helpful - it's wild to see the calories/nutrients in everything... stuff you don't really think about! Also I feel really bad having to input a beer into my daily log... hahaha!!! Definitely helps with the curbing, I've had only one this week! (Trying to supplement with tea.. it helps too!)

I lift weights 3x weekly but can't wait until winter is gone so I can get back outside... I love walking/exploring...!!

Glad the meetup wasn't too terrible, lots of trial and error sometimes! :D

Sent from deep within the wilds of Ascalon...

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Tell me, if you had the strength to take another step, could you do it?

Level ?? Bard & Monk of the Furious Heart

STR.55  DEX.43 STA.48 CON.51 WIS.53 CHA.65


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Ooh, she's doing ab crunches :)

Last week was pretty good. Walked often.

I finally tried out the BWW and it's doable! I definitely felt it the next day! I'm incorporating the interval training this week. One day BWW, next interval. I'm used to the interval idea from a video I use so that was good.

Here is my goal for this week:

Sun- interval ☆

Mon- BWW

Tue- IT

Wed- BWW

Thu- IT

Fri -BWW

Sat- IT

I have a very busy week ahead aside from the fitness but I really want this, health, and the time needed for these workouts is not much - although with good returns. I'm motivated!

I'm sure I'll log lots of steps daily from work and dog walking so that is a plus.

Thanks for asking :)

What are your plans for this week? Do you do the advanced BWW?

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Phew, dropping in just now!  Work has been CRAZY and has kept me from the forums.... (grrrr work~~)


I started with free weights/dumbbells and eventually progressed to barbells with a Stronglifts 5x5 routine.  I'm currently trying a new program that combines barbells with more dumbbell/accessory lifts and I'm LOVING it!!


But even before weights, I started with the BBWW!  It's a great intro to getting your body moving and used to... you know, working!! XD XD  (I also need to do more interval training, ahaha~)


Week 4 is almost over, you've done AWESOME and are still super motivated! YAY!  Will you be joining our motley assassin crew next challenge? :D



Tell me, if you had the strength to take another step, could you do it?

Level ?? Bard & Monk of the Furious Heart

STR.55  DEX.43 STA.48 CON.51 WIS.53 CHA.65


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