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Right lets try that again *streamer of smoke still rising from singed hair*

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Happy new year all. Well I hope it will be for me, and I am going to make damn sure I try harder than last time.


Reasons I fell off the path I had set myself on last September.


Literally fell off my bike and busted my right ankle and my lower back... That was me out of working out for a fortnight


Then Promotion at work meant complete restructure to my schedule, and working in retail in the run up to Christmas is bad enough but now I found myself running a department that I had never worked on and working 5/6 12 hour days a week... and that has only just calmed back down to normal.


Add to all that I had a bit of a lapse in my mental health around November, partly because I realised I had put all this effort into getting into shape and fixing my life had been for nothing, but also due to relationship stress with my family, and a falling out between my best friend. Which resulted in I am ashamed to say a couple of instances of self harm and a large spike in my alcohol consumption.


Why now


Its the start of a new year, The time it is easiest to 'start fresh' but also recruit other into it with you.


Also my back and ankle where given the fully all clear in December when I visited the Quacks about my depression and he checked up on me after the accident as well.


And finally, work has kinda settled down a bit now and I have a semi-fixed schedule now. (Still not completely used to going from working the Late night shifts to starting work at 4am...))


What I know I need and need to change

1. I need to find a group of people to keep me accountable for my, fitness, diet, metal health and drinking levels.

2. I need to find one or two people to work out with at least once a week. Starting next week I should be running with my best friend every Saturday afternoon, Still determined to hit my goal of running a 5K in sub 30minutes.

3. Need to change my drinking and eating habits. One big thing that is helping is finishing my shifts at midday, which makes it a lot harder to say "oh sod it" on the cycle home and stop in my local pub.

4. Work out a way to improve my diet, This is going to be one of the hardest, I live with my parents and trying to get them on board with this may be challenging. 


Ulitmate goal

Improve self confidence.

Beat my old PB for a 5K of 42 minutes 2 seconds, slow I know.

Learn to budget... I am awful with my own money.





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I know exactly what you mean on so many points. 


You'll find that quitting booze will do wonders for your budget. Bad habits are incredibly expensive to maintain. I'm glad you recovered both physically and mentally.


Good luck on this run! Go! Go! Go! cheerleader_1010.gif

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